I Have No Idea What I'm Doing

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S01:E13 "Young Grandpa"
Episode 13 • Published Jul 01, 2019

Okay, fine, we’ll talk about the debates.

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Links and Show Notes

A very important announcement

Iced Cremes Consumption Methods

The “Debates”

Please, won’t somebody think of the conservative, white, upper-class men?!

Neither, Nor, and now:

Everything is Politics: Corporate Donations Edition

These corps are too big to escape. Not as easy as “ILL BE GETTING MY HAMMERS FROM LOEWES FROM NOW ON!” I’m sure they donate to pro-lgbtq politicians (whoever can help their profits). But 193 anti-lgbtq politicians is 193 people passing harmful laws and I like knowing about it? @ColeEscola, 26 Jun 2019

Not even tactical framing

A real survey from the president’s official web site. Comin’ in awfully hot. @oneunderscore__, 28 Jun 2019

Honestly, Summer is Problematic