I Have No Idea What I'm Doing

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S02:E06 - "Hard Workers"
Episode 20 • Published Sep 16, 2019

As hard workers, we…

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CICPS Followup

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Happy Telephone Ordering Day

Is Salted Licorice Any Good?

Chocolate Milk Is SO 1995

The Impulsive Buy on Twitter: “SPOTTED: Borden Limited Edition State Fair Inspirations Flavored Milk” - Twitter

Elizabeth Warren: Doin’ It for The ‘Gram

At Ms. Warren’s campaign stops, her speech to the crowd is only the first half of a two-act production. What comes next, and can last just as long, is the Warren selfie line, a campaign-trail innovation for the age of Instagram.

Ms. Warren’s campaign estimates that she has spent about 107 hours taking pictures in selfie lines since entering the race — the equivalent of working 9-to-5 for 13 days. At one event in Iowa, she continued posing for pictures in the midst of a tornado warning.

How to Get a Selfie With Elizabeth Warren in 8 Steps - NY Times


It Turns Out Everyone Involved Was Lying

Ariel Edwards-Levy’s thread recapping a survey from 1971

Repeal and Replace 2: 2 Repeal 2 Replace

Will Republicans Win Back the House? Their Playbook Is Familiar - Bloomberg

Folks: Keep it Grounded in Fact

Fact or Folly? — Keep It Grounded in Fact

Hard Work: What Even Is It?

I Have No Idea What “Hard Work” Means - Current Affairs