I Guess We're Grown-Ups Now

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Ask Me About My IUD
Episode 5 • Published Oct 09, 2014

Kari talks with Kate Daly about the Pill, IUDs, sponges, access to knowledge about your own body, sex ed, and bad birth control puns. We share pregnancy pics with fun back-stories and probably way TMI. Sorry not sorry.

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Links and Show Notes

So brown. Great hair. And a camel.

Kari, 7 months pregnant, with Morris Peterson rubbing her belly for good luck. It worked!

Kate’s website

Contains the excellent Quote of the Episode, and also some bunk about how “grown-ups” are people who do things that Frank disapproves of and/or doesn’t do, and “adults” are things he does himself (a remarkable coincidence).

A (funny) medical history of birth control, with actual doctors instead of us fools.