I Guess We're Grown-Ups Now

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Try Uni No Wait Don’t Try Uni
Episode 4 • Published Oct 03, 2014

Kari and her guest Garth Braithwaite talk all things food and being a grown-up: managing hangry-ness, marrying into food traditions, living with diabetes, LDS food guidelines, what we eat after our kids are in bed, and how to find a sushi mentor. Garth digs how Kari says “avocado.”

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Links and Show Notes

The bait and switch of children’s movies.

Garth’s talk at Adobe Max

Garth’s talk at Converge, “Designers Can Open Source”

Garth is also talking at All Things Open

Garth’s project about designing in open source projects.

Open Source Design Is Now Design Open — Medium

An amazing volunteer-driven open source project for accessing data from blood sugar monitors.

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