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Mr. Shucks
Episode 12 • Published May 02, 2019

This week, more weird baseball things, stealing bases: how does it work?, and Mr. Shucks.

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Follow Up

(K)hris Davis

Cut4 Pitcher Pinch Hitting

Send Coffee

“The greatest double play ever”

Stealing Bases

This week’s topic is stealing bases and the complicated rules and strategies around stealing a base. Thank you to OliveSoop for the suggestion.

We talk about signs, leading off, stealing first, stealing home, tagging out, picking off, a pickle,

Minor League Team of the Week

The Team of the Week this week is the Cedar Rapids Kernels. Because corn, you see?

Behold Mr. Shucks, the mascot:

Mr. Shucks, mascot of the Cedar Rapids Kernels


The Closer

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