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Mayonnaise Kingdom
Episode 7 • Published Mar 01, 2020

Create a Jif of my bagelrito getting dipped on Leap Day, but try it with green tea or unlimited coffee before you add a slice of mayo to your sack of bacon.

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Links and Show Notes

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Jif and Giphy team up to settle the GIF pronunciation debate - 9to5Mac

Dunkin’s great new snack innovation is… a sack of bacon?

The Bagelrito is a literal hot mess, but it has a confidence you can only dream of

Using Green Tea In Your Instant Ramen Is The Trending Hack That Is A Game Changer

7-Eleven Is Selling Whole Pizzas For $2.29 In Honor Of Leap Day

Panera Offers Unlimited Coffee Subscription for Under $9 Per Month

People Are Spotting A Cotton Candy-Dipped Ice Cream Cone At DQ Just In Time For Spring