Midnight Snack

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The Mold King
Episode 6 • Published Feb 23, 2020

Burn some burger candles in secret with s’more hot cheez balls to go with Kenny’s favorite new donut food & Kyle is chowing on Oreos, animal cookies, and Twinkie chapbalm.

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Links and Show Notes

Justin Bieber And James Corden Spent The Day As Food Truck Drivers And They Sold ‘Despa-Tacos’

BLAZIN’ HOT CHEEZ BALLS Confirmed As One Of Snack’s First Ever New Flavors

Burger King Hopes Your Hatred of Preservatives Is More Powerful Than Your Hatred of Moldy-Ass Food

Supreme Oreos Already Up for Resale for $500 on eBay

United Airlines Jettisons Biscoff Cookies for Oreo Thins

This Twinkies-Inspired Lip Balm Means Your Lips Will Never Be Chapped Again

International Delight Is Releasing A S’mores-Flavored Iced Coffee So I’m Officially A Morning Person

Cold Stone Creamery Is Releasing An Ice Cream Filled With Frosted Animal Crackers And Rainbow Sprinkles

McDonald’s Is Releasing A Set Of Candles That Smells Like Each Topping In A Quarter Pounder Burger

Hidden Valley Is Coming Out With A Bunch Of Secret Sauces And I Want To Put Them On Everything

Grease is the word: KFC’s chicken and doughnuts are now available nationwide