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Stolen Canadian Accent
Episode 20 • Published Nov 07, 2015

Kari and Brook Shelley talk about mommy/cat blogging/podcasting, going home again, travelling on other people’s dime, accents, sci fi lit by women, revisiting old hobbies, and whole other episodes.

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Links and Show Notes

Brook and Kari and 1000 of their closest internet friends went to this amazing art and technology conference

A couple NSFW slides in here. Why are you listening to this podcast at work anyway?

John Oliver brings the US up to date with the recent Canadian election. Features a stair-falling trick by our new illustrious leader.

Last episode, wherein Hilary posed a question for Brook.

Author of “Mermaid in Chelsea Creek” and more

Kari’s sci fi recommendation

Brook’s sci fi recommendation.

Brook’s book that she is in. Buy! Read!