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Your Body Will Betray You
Episode 15 • Published Feb 24, 2015

Kari’s guest is Rebekah Bennetch and they discuss the horrors of public speaking, the formula for creating a great speech, how to practice and prepare, vocal delivery techniques, and whether you should drink before you do a speech.

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Links and Show Notes

New show theme music! Uncertain Future by Sun Channel Music

Kari at speech night when she was 9. Awwww. Nice shirt.

Sadly, the poem I recited, “My Cat Likes Milk,” is lost to the sands of time and not findable on Google.

Like, uptalking maybe?

Kari doing public speaking!

Rebekah on Unbelievable? That’s not a question. The podcast has a ? in the title. Mine has a hypen and an apostrophe so I am not judging.

Rebekah’s blog