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Watching a Game
Episode 5 • Published Mar 14, 2019

In this episode of Baseline, Kyle and Andrew discuss the spring training games they watched. And also hats.

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Links and Show Notes

Welcome back to Baseline! We watched some Spring Training games!

We watched games using MLB.TV. It went pretty well. We watched the SF-CIN game, and only the SF side was televised, so Andrew had to watch that.

We discuss play-by-play announcers, then talk about wanting to personally play baseball.

In the SQUAT.

Rookie Questions

Also discussed: how broadcasters put baseball graphics and info on screen, versus other sports.

Bryce Harper

We discuss Bryce Harper and free agency in general.

Opening Day

We discuss opening day and how it has been CRUELLY ROBBED from the Reds.

Andrew Looks For Hats

Andrew has decided to get a hat. We shop for one.

This episode is not sponsored by Lids. For all your dad hat needs.

Kyle’s Spring Training Plans

Kyle’s going to an in-person spring training game.

Team of the Week

This week’s Team of the Week is the New Orleans Baby Cakes.

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