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Spring Training
Episode 4 • Published Mar 07, 2019

In this episode, Kyle and Andrew discuss Spring Training, as well as some updates to the movie list, and debut the new Team of the Week segment.

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Links and Show Notes

Intro to Spring Training

Welcome back to Baseline! Spring Training is here! We discuss a bit.

It turns out:

The point of Spring Training is to GET YOLKED and prepare for baseball that counts.

Here’s why they go to other states.

Here’s the article Kyle referenced.

How to Watch/Listen to Spring Training Baseball (and Baseball In General)

Andrew was thwarted by MLB from listening to the first Reds spring training game, but this has been sorted out at press time.

Meanwhile, Kyle has the hookup from YouTube TV. But, it doesn’t have radio broadcasts. So, MLB At Bat is called for.

Kyle’s Game-Watching Experience

Kyle watched the Mariners play the Athletics in an airport bar. We break it down in considerable detail.

How Baseball Scores Work

If you are somehow less familiar with baseball than Andrew, we go over how baseball scores (the “box score”) are reported, and what it all means.

We also discuss what the point of spring training is, and how it helps in determining starting lineups and rosters.

We decided to watch the upcoming (at time of recording) game between the Giants and the Reds and report back on the next episode. And we decided to set up an MLB.TV subscription.

Genius’ Glossary of Baseball Terms

Movie List Updates

Updates to our Letterboxd movie list and name suggestions for the movie segment. We decide that it will be called Extra Innings.

Letterboxd List Updates

Suggested by Ultranurd:

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Suggested by Haroldina:

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Team of the Week & Closer

This week’s Team of the Week is the Carolina Mudcats, who have decided to temporarily rename themselves the Carolina Micro Brews for four games this season to recognize their connection with the Milwaukee Brewers.

Check out that branding, tho.

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