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Attention Video Nerds - There Are Great Jobs For You in Podcasting!
Episode 136 • Published Oct 21, 2020

Besides speaking into a mic, or editing audio, there are other great opportunities to work in podcasting. In this episode I talk about video editors and podcasting.

How to Not Run a Successful Podcast But Maybe How to Run Successful Podcast Business?
Episode 135 • Published Oct 14, 2020

How to run your podcast into the ground while running a successful podcast editing business. Ask me anything!

Attention Word Nerds - There Are Great Jobs For You in Podcasting!
Episode 134 • Published Oct 07, 2020

Folks who love to write, edit, and obsess over words are very much needed in podcasting. And maybe you don’t see it, but I do. Let me encourage you to get involved even if you don’t have a face (or voice) for audio.

Happy International Podcast Day 2020!
Episode 133 • Published Sep 30, 2020

Hello world! In honor of International Podcast Day 2020 I recorded a bit of an angry old man encouragement for anyone thinking about getting into podcasting. Is anyone still out there and subscribed to this thing? Get off my lawn if you are!

Black Lives Matter - Rebroadcast from
Episode 132 • Published Jun 10, 2020

I am rebroadcasting, with their permission, an episode of The Ladybug Podcast featuring an interview with Jocelyn Harper talking about why racism and privilege is so hard for people to talk about and what we can do to help.

CodePen Radio and Podcasting
Episode 131 • Published Mar 28, 2019

This is a rebroadcast of Chris’ guest appearance on CodePen Radio #215 with host Marie Mosley talking about how CodePen uses their podcast for marketing and brand support.

Luminating on the Luminary Announcement
Episode 130 • Published Mar 07, 2019

Kyle and Chris talk about Kyle’s new podcast introducing people (and Andrew) to basebll, Baseline. Then they get into the recent Luminary announcement and what they think it means for podcasting.

Three Requests for SMYM Listeners
Episode 129 • Published Feb 19, 2019

A quick episode in your ear and out your brain with 3 things I want you to know - two are related to how I’d love to be able to help you and one is how you can join me on a journey to try something new.

Create Your Podcast Go Bag - Spotify Buys Gimlet and Anchor
Episode 128 • Published Feb 08, 2019

We’re talking Spotify of course, along with Gimlet and Anchor. Kyle and Chris have their lukewarm takes along with other Thursday thoughts on podcasting.

Growing Your Podcast in 2019 with Justin Jackson
Episode 127 • Published Feb 01, 2019

Justin Jackson stops by to talk about Chris’ new podcasters community, Castaways.Club, as well as the outlook for podcasting in 2019 from a marketing and product owner’s standpoint.

The Goodstuff 2019 Line-Up
Episode 126 • Published Jan 11, 2019

Chris marvels at improved stream quality, Kyle updates us on Today’s Special, and we talk about reading wikipedia articles as episodes, the state of Goodstuff shows in 2019, and an update on Castaways Club.

Green Screens, Anchor, and Podcasting Predictions for 2019
Episode 125 • Published Dec 21, 2018

We’re chatting Chris’ new Green Screen, Kyle’s debate between starting a new podcast or reviving an old one, and talking through Pacific Content’s predictions for podcast in 2019.

Castaways and Morning Shows
Episode 124 • Published Dec 14, 2018

Kyle and Chris talk about when and why to stop a podcast, ignoring the advice of internet weirdos, and creating a podcast community for everyone else.

Can Podcasting Go Windows? - Dave Rupert
Episode 123 • Published Dec 07, 2018

Dave Rupert stop by the show to talk about ShopTalk Show, Aside Quest, and figuring out the format for your podcast and sticking to it.

Motoring Your Way to Success - An Interview with Andrew Clews
Episode 122 • Published Nov 23, 2018

Andrew Clews hosts The Motoring Podcast and Rear View, podcasts all about the motoring industry. We chat about the gear he uses to record, how he edits, publishes, and markets his podcast, Patreon, and building a community for podcasters.

WoW'ing Your Way Through a Podcast - An Interview with Jonathan Bloom
Episode 121 • Published Nov 16, 2018

Jonathan Bloom is on the show to talk about his World of Warcraft podcast, Frazlcast. We talk about why he started a WoW podcast, the gear he’s using, and he also patiently explains WoW to Chris.

No One Podcast Ever Really Dies - An Interview With Stephen Penny
Episode 120 • Published Nov 09, 2018

We’ve got a conversation with Stephen Penny, host of The Otherz podcast. We talk about music/fan podcasts and the opportunities they present, using advertising to promote your show, and of course the gear and software Stephen uses to record.

New Apple Gear + New CMS Software for Our Podcast Network
Episode 119 • Published Oct 31, 2018

Kyle’s coming on a low-definition connection so it’s just Chris’ face on this one. We talk about Apple’s new hardware and how it might work for podcasters, the software we’re using to publish our podcast network’s website, and other fun stuff around podcasting.

The Muggles of Podcasting
Episode 118 • Published Oct 03, 2018

Kyle and Chris talk about what goes into putting on a live podcast recording - tips, gear advice, and how it feels to record live from a conference.

Paul Kafasis Talks Rogue Amoeba
Episode 117 • Published Sep 07, 2018

Paul Kafasis of Rogue Amoeba is our guest and we talk about their apps (Audio Hijack, Loopback, Fission, and Farrago), the business reasons why certain features and apps get built out and others don’t, and what’s coming to their apps in the future.

Run, Jump, and Stomp Your Way to Community
Episode 116 • Published Aug 31, 2018

An interview with Nintendo Switch Craft host, Bill, who talks through his gear and production routine as well as gives some great advice on community building around a podcast.

Inspiration Shower
Episode 115 • Published Aug 21, 2018

We talk about the various ways to get financial support from listeners and Chris’ desire to build a community for fellow podcasters.

Don't Put All Your Eggs in That Chicken
Episode 114 • Published Jul 20, 2018

We answer your questions about using Twitch for streaming, talk about the best podcasts of 2018, debate Anchor’s future, and discuss the randomness of success in podcasting.

Asking Questions and Being on the Show
Episode 113 • Published Jul 13, 2018

You’ve got questions and we’ve got ways for you to ask them. Also - how to be on a future episode!

Audio Hijack Your RSS Feed for Profit
Episode 112 • Published Jul 06, 2018

What’s going to happen if the walled garden closes in around podcasting? And what do Chris and Kyle think about sponsorship, getting sponsors, and making money at podcasting. They also discuss Rogue Amoeba’s update to Audio Hijack and how it might help podcasters.

We're the Peanut Butter of Podcasting
Episode 111 • Published Jun 22, 2018

Kyle and Chris talk the past week in podcasting, streaming, and creative web topics. Anchor’s new iPad app, Pocket Casts, Google Podcasts, YouTube Music, Instagram TV, and Adobe Rush.

Podcasting Into the Void: The State of and also Fortnite
Episode 110 • Published Jun 15, 2018

Kyle and Chris have a state of the Goodstuff union. We talk about our recent switch from FeedPress to, streaming on Twitch, editing podcasts as a job, and the chat room invents a new term: voidcasting.

What’s the Next Piece of Podcasting Gear You’re Going to Buy — and Why?
Episode 109 • Published Aug 05, 2016

It’s question and answer time again! My question, your answers. The question for this episode was “What’s the Next Piece of Podcasting Gear You’re Going to Buy — and Why?” Thanks to all the folks who send in answers over this experiment!

If You Could Only Listen to Three Podcasts for the Rest of Your Life, Which Would you Choose?
Episode 108 • Published Jun 03, 2016

It’s question and answer time again! My question, your answers. I got a lot of great responses and you’ll learn about a bunch of podcasts that are new to you — and maybe be reminded of ones you used to listen to that you’ll want to go back and check out.

Christopher Has Questions About Podcasts. Chris Has Theories.
Episode 107 • Published May 25, 2016

Christopher Schmitt and Chris Enns discuss issues facing podcasters in 2016 - do you need a blog? Should you be on YouTube? How to market a podcast? Cross post it to Medium? Publish on Product Hunt? We’ve got more questions than answers but we’re having fun discussing it.

What’s Your Motivation for Podcasting in 2016?
Episode 106 • Published May 06, 2016

For this month’s episode I asked you what your main motivation was for podcasting in 2016 and the responses were awesome and gathered around a couple of topics - getting great content out and nerding out with friends. Listen and be encouraged about the medium of podcasting!

I’m Looking for a Few Good Podcasters
Episode 105 • Published Mar 22, 2016

I’ve got a plan for the next batch of SMYM episodes and I need your help! Hear how you can help or just sign up at the link below and get the email in April.

Pressing the Pause Button
Episode 104 • Published Oct 13, 2015

I need a bit of margin in my life for the next while and so I’m pressing pause on Show Me Your Mic. I explain a few of the reasons and what I hope to do in this episode.

Kevin Hovdestad - Hearthstone Podcasting and Patreon
Episode 103 • Published Sep 29, 2015

Kevin is a co-host on Well Met - a podcast talking all things Hearthstone. We talk about how easy it can be to live stream video now, how Patreon has enabled creators to focus on creating, and how the world of esports has exploded and given opportunities to folks playing video games and those reporting on the video games.

Tim Smith - Telling a Story with Purpose
Episode 102 • Published Sep 22, 2015

Tim Smith stops by for a quick chat about his new show For the Record on Tower. We chat about producing a new show, how he preps a guest for an interview, and his plans for the future of Tower. There’s also a bit of gear talk and the podcasts he recommends.

Sean Kheraj - The Web is Shifting Ground Beneath Your Feet
Episode 101 • Published Sep 15, 2015

Sean Kheraj hosts Nature’s Past a podcast about environmental history research in Canada featuring lectures and interviews with authors and academics on the greatest country in the world - Canada, naturally. We talk about scheduling guests, recording groups discussions and using YouTube as a podcast platform.

Happy 100 To You
Episode 100 • Published Sep 08, 2015

I talk a bit about where Show Me Your Mic could be headed in the future and how you could help.

Paul Jarvis - The Path Paved with Gold and Unicorn Farts
Episode 99 • Published Sep 01, 2015

Paul Jarvis from Invisible Office Hours and we talk about how breaking the rules of podcasting can help you find your own authentic voice amidst the rabble and noise of so many other podcasts. We also talk about seasons, hating your first episode, and alternative ways to make money from a podcast besides sponsorship.

Alex Knight - FeedPress, Jemcast and The Impromptu
Episode 98 • Published Aug 18, 2015

Alex Knight, product manager at FeedPress and host of The Jemcast and The Impromptu, is on the show to talk about his podcasting gear and the podcasts he listens to. We also talk stats, feeds and analytics of podcasts and share our thoughts on

Jerod Morris of
Episode 97 • Published Aug 12, 2015

Jerod Morris joins me to talk about The Rainmaker Platform, The Showrunner podcast and complimentary Showrunner Podcasting Course. We talk about building a podcast, why to start one and how to build a narrative into your show. We also answer a listener question on podcast networks and iTunes.

Mikey Reiach - Packet Loss Podcast
Episode 96 • Published Aug 04, 2015

Mikey is the co-host of the Packet Loss Podcast which, in their own words, is the most racial diverse podcast on the internet. We talk about bringing your non-podcast friends into this weird world of podcasting and also what makes a listener want to engage with a podcast or podcast network’s shows.

Part 2 with Lindsay Patterson
Episode 95 • Published Jul 28, 2015

Lindsay Patterson joins me for part 2 of our discussion - this time it’s all about her podcast The Tumble podcast. If you’ve got feedback, follow-up or questions be sure to click the Discuss This Episode link in the show notes to leave a comment.

Part 1 with Lindsay Patterson
Episode 94 • Published Jul 21, 2015

Lindsay Patterson joins me to discuss her recent article asking where the YouTube for podcasts is. If you’ve got feedback, follow-up or questions be sure to click the Discuss This Episode link in the show notes to leave a comment.

Jason DeFillippo - The Art of Charm
Episode 93 • Published Jul 14, 2015

Jason is back to talk about what’s changed since the last time he was on - location, job and most importantly to this show - gear! New gear is always fun to talk about.

Stu King - Skyrim Your Way to Success
Episode 92 • Published Jul 07, 2015

Stu King joins me to talk Character Crusade, his podcast that helps people discover and explore the world of Skyrim. We compare the YouTube world of Let’s Plays and video to audio podcasts and how to bridge your audience between the two worlds.

Paul David Peterson - Are You Prepared to Ignite?
Episode 91 • Published Jun 30, 2015

Paul is on to talk about his parody show Entrepreneur Explosion! Why he started the show, the difficulties of doing a parody show with real discussions and purpose and a general discussion of the podcasting landscape mid-2015.

Darren Moser - The Time of the Niche
Episode 90 • Published Jun 23, 2015

Darren Moser is the co-host of Earl Grey - a podcast that talks all about Star Trek The Next Generation. We talk niche podcasting, being on the podcast network and getting out there and just start recording.

If Only
Episode 89 • Published Jun 16, 2015

Solo show! I talk about some of my if-only’s to help unhook my brain a bit.

Show Me Your with Kyle Roderick
Episode 88 • Published Jun 09, 2015

Kyle Roderick is back to have another podcast network owner therapy session and we also discuss an app that could save you a bunch of time in your podcast production.

Stephen Penny - The Grandchild of TWIT
Episode 87 • Published Jun 02, 2015

Stephen is a Brit living in Finland and he’s organized fellow ex-pats from around the world to talk tech with a decidely different angle on things than those of us in North America hear - while still lusting after the same gadgets and tech.

Aaron Mahnke - Caring About All the Parts
Episode 86 • Published May 19, 2015

Aaron’s only 6 episodes in to his new podcast Lore - a bi-weekly podcast about the history behind scary stories - but his attention to all the details of producing a story-driven podcast has resulted in unexpected but well deserved attention and popularity.

Jason Burton - Focused on Local
Episode 85 • Published May 12, 2015

Jason joins me to talk about podcasting with a local focus - in his case the business community and events in his city in Indiana. Recording live in person, using a Yeti and tips for promoting a local podcast.

A Bit Canadian - Kyle Roderick
Episode 84 • Published May 05, 2015

Kyle Roderick from Transmission and Goodstuff joins me to chat about the fun of running a podcast network, working collaboratively across time and space and how he produces Transmission - the internet’s morning show.

Solo Is the Only Way to Go
Episode 83 • Published Apr 28, 2015

No guest today so I talk a bit about some of the issues and struggles of running a podcast network and options we’re considering for hosting of podcast files. Libsyn vs SoundCloud vs S3 vs Simplecast vs what else?

Reuben Ingber - Artisanal Pencil Holding Tutorials
Episode 82 • Published Apr 21, 2015

Reuben Ingber is on to talk about How to Hold a Pencil. We discuss the struggles of finding sponsorship, wonder if there’s people who want to learn about podcast ad sales out there, and of course, what gear Reuben uses and the podcasts he listens to while riding the subway.

Sawyer Paul - Shutting Down a Network
Episode 81 • Published Apr 14, 2015

Sawyer Paul is on the show to talk about running a podcast network - and the tough decision to shut down a podcast network. We talk through some of the struggles of trying to help friends, unlimited storage not always being unlimited and our mutual dislike for Toronto.

Caleb Wojcik - Doing It On Video
Episode 80 • Published Apr 07, 2015

Caleb Wojcik runs DIY Video Guy - a audio podcast and video podcast show teaching what he’s learned about running a business involved in video production.

Leslie Camacho - The Problems We Choose
Episode 79 • Published Mar 31, 2015

Leslie Camacho, one of the hosts of The Marriage Startup podcast - a podcast that looks at the struggle to keep home life in balance when work seems like it is your life.

Raygan Kelly and Nate Heininger of The Short Game
Episode 78 • Published Mar 24, 2015

Raygan and Nate, two of four hosts of The Short Game - a podcast that talks about video games that ideally take less than 10 hours.

Cesar Contreras - The Guy Whose Name Starts With C
Episode 77 • Published Mar 17, 2015

Pencil vs Pixel vs Microphones. Cesar Contreras joins Chris Enns to talk about starting a podcast without a huge plan (or a mic) and not being afraid to mix up your format and experiment.

James Parkinson - The A-League Show
Episode 76 • Published Mar 13, 2015

James Parkinson hosts The A League Show - a podcast covering the Australian top professional football (soccer to us North Americans) league. We chat about setting up interviews with sports personalities, recording on location, and the importance of listening to your own podcast.

Sean Chin - Wanted Dead or Alive
Episode 75 • Published Mar 10, 2015

Sean Chin joins Chris Enns to talk about The Capsule Podcast, part of the Live in Limbo site that focuses on music, movies, tv and tech in and around Toronto, Canada. They talk about some of the struggles of getting artists on a podcast and trying to publish quickly in the fast paced world of the modern music industry. Bon Jovi also comes up a lot.

Myke Hurley - A Smattering of Podcasts
Episode 74 • Published Mar 03, 2015

Myke Hurley is back on the show to talk about and the new version of Inquisitive he’s recently launched that’s telling the story behind app development on iOS.

Stephen Grasso - Kids These Days
Episode 73 • Published Feb 24, 2015

We talk about Stephen’s jump from listener to cohost, figuring out gear to record in studio as well as at bike shows and events - as well as building a community around a niche topic and the benefits of doing so.

Aaron Goodwin - 3 Guys, 3 Yetis
Episode 72 • Published Feb 17, 2015

Aaron Goodwin hosts 3 Guys, 3 Questions - a comedy podcast that’s into it’s third season. We talk about editing for comedy, benefits of upgrading to Logic Pro X from Garageband and recording podcasts with Yetis involved.

Drew Dillman - As Basic As Possible
Episode 71 • Published Feb 10, 2015

Drew Dillman joins Chris Enns to talk about his video and audio podcast Craft Conscious - interviews with people running craft breweries. Getting great looking video can be difficult but Drew’s got a workflow that might help you get started if YouTube is a platform you’re interested in.

Maurice Cherry - The Five Dollar Fist Bump
Episode 70 • Published Feb 03, 2015

Maurice Cherry joins me to discuss his two podcasts The Revision Path and The Year of Tea. We have a great chat about his shows, getting listener feedback and his plans for the shows he wants to do in the future.

Tyler Stalman - The Most Minor Celebrity Possible
Episode 69 • Published Jan 27, 2015

Tyler Stalman joins Chris Enns to talk about his podcast Cameras or Whatever as well as the internal video podcast he produces for his day job. Find out about Tyler’s claim to podcasting fame and how Chris and Tyler justify their PR40 purchases.

Nathan Pierce - Microbrewr and Podcaster
Episode 68 • Published Jan 20, 2015

Nathan Pierce joins Chris Enns to talk about his podcast and resource - a great sit for anyone interested in the business involved in starting a microbrewery. Learning from mistakes, great communities to learn about podcasting and making plans for your podcast.

Jason Bryant - You Can Do a Podcast or You Can Do It Right
Episode 67 • Published Jan 13, 2015

Jason Bryant, founder of the Mat Talk Podcast Network, joins me for a battle royal discussion of running a podcast network, finding a neat niche and putting in the time to build an audience and get guests.

Alex Carpenter - Show Me Your Coffee!
Episode 66 • Published Jan 07, 2015

Alex Carpenter hosts I Brew My Own Coffee, a podcast to learn how to brew your own coffee from the comforts of your home or office and you’ll definitely want a nice cup of coffee in hand while you listen to this episode.

Ray Ortega - Switching Mics On the Fly
Episode 65 • Published Dec 23, 2014

Ray Ortega is the last guest for 2014 on Show Me Your Mic and we had a great chat about podcasting as a career, starting a YouTube channel, streaming live video and the mic that’s very likely better than the Heil PR40 for podcasting.

Adam Ryan - The Lesser Lights
Episode 64 • Published Dec 16, 2014

Chris talks with Adam about his love for podcasting and basketball and the idea of picking a specific niche topic to focus your show around and the unique opportunities it’s brought to him.

Fredrik Björeman - It’s a Made Up Word
Episode 63 • Published Dec 09, 2014

Fredrik Björeman joins Chris Enns to talk about his podcast Kodsnack - a tech and coding podcast based in Sweden.

Moisés Chiullan - Pseudo-Documentary Storytelling
Episode 62 • Published Dec 02, 2014

Moisés Chiullan joins Chris for a discussion of reasons not to podcast, reasons not to run a podcast network and reasons you should just delete your recording. (Not at all true.)

Mike Beasterfeld - The Heart of a Jackal
Episode 61 • Published Nov 27, 2014

Mike is a great part of the podcasting community and is looking to help people get into podcasting with his podcast network at and the custom CMS he’s writing to help run a podcast website.

Kari Halsted - Putting Your Trust in the Podcast Gods
Episode 60 • Published Nov 25, 2014

Kari Halsted joins Chris Enns to talk about her show on Goodstuff called I Guess We’re Grown-Ups Now. We talk about pitching a show to a network like Goodstuff, recording a pilot, thoughts on women who podcast and growing up as a podcaster.

Grumpy Old Geeks - We Should Have Stuck With Tape
Episode 59 • Published Nov 18, 2014

Chris Enns talks with Jason DeFillippo of the Grumpy Old Geeks podcast about recording with friends and enemies, Skype vs in person and computers ruining everything in podcasting.

Jeremy Cherfas - The Best Train Set A Boy Could Have
Episode 58 • Published Nov 11, 2014

Jeremy Cherfas talks with Chris Enns about the gear and techniques he uses for getting a good conversation with people milling around at conferences and his interest in food related discussions and where that talks him on his podcast, Eat This Podcast.

Ham Radio and Podcasting - The Scope Show
Episode 57 • Published Nov 04, 2014

Jared and Shane, two of the hosts of The Scope Show, are the guests on this week’s SMYM. They’ve been recording The Scope Show since 2006 - which is a long time in podcast years. We talk about the benefits of recording in the same room as your co-hosts, using YouTube and other platforms for promotion and of course geek out on gear.

Adam Martin - Podcasting as a MVP
Episode 56 • Published Oct 28, 2014

Adam Martin joins Chris Enns to talk about his podcast where he interviews creatives involved with sports. They talk scheduling, using SoundCloud, debate sponsorship and what got Adam into podcasting.

Jeff Ruberg - I Subscribe to 550 Podcasts
Episode 55 • Published Oct 21, 2014

Jeff Ruberg comes on to discuss his podcast talking about Digimon. He discusses podcasting in a niche topic, using Jekyll and Auphonic to publish his episodes and how he edits and produces each show.

Omer Ninyo & Nir Horesh - The Actual Icicle
Episode 54 • Published Oct 14, 2014

Omer and Nir from the Noncast join Chris Enns to talk about their podcast and their Hebrew podcast network based out of Israel. We talk audio issues, Google Hangouts and focusing on your own local niche to develop an audience.

Paddy Donnelly - Podcasting as Personal Therapy
Episode 53 • Published Oct 07, 2014

Paddy Donnelly joins Chris Enns to discuss his podcast, Working Out, and the tensions of having a business or job along with a side business that is your passion.

Dan Benjamin - This is Calm Dan
Episode 52 • Published Sep 30, 2014

Dan Benjamin returns for another chat with Chris Enns to talk compression, DBX 286s, Skype mix/minus, redacting Heil from podcasting, and what Patreon brings to the table for podcasters and 5by5.

Jordan Cooper - My Favorite Topic to Discuss is Me.
Episode 51 • Published Sep 23, 2014

Jordan Cooper joins Chris Enns to rant about podcasting and what might cause you to be a Tech Douchebag in his podcast player.

Apologies and Invitations
Episode 50 • Published Sep 16, 2014

A quick invitation to any podcasters listening. I want to talk to you!

Guy Routledge - Probably Good for SEO
Episode 49 • Published Sep 02, 2014

Guy Routledge joins me to talk about his video podcast series AtoZCSS. We talk production of a video podcast including Wistia video hosting, Screenflow recording and even using Jekyll for hosting your podcast’s website.

Joe Cieplinski - Jazz Improv Podcasting
Episode 48 • Published Aug 26, 2014

This week, we have Joe Cieplinksi, host and one half of Release Notes, a weekly conversation about the business of Mac and iOS indie software development—Everything but the code.

The Dirt - These Are Just Words, Deal With It
Episode 47 • Published Aug 19, 2014

This week, we have the guys over at The Dirt - Tim Wright, Mark Grambau, and Steve Hickey. The Dirt is a UX podcast that covers design, user experience, and their take on the latest tech news. We talk about the personality of a podcast and company, creating timeless content, and some really awesome virtual mixing.

Nicholas Young - Get In Our Cocoon And Do Our Work
Episode 46 • Published Aug 12, 2014

Nicholas Young runs The Machine, a podcast network based in Chicago. We talked about the shows The Machine produces, how he got into podcasting and the gear he uses to produce podcasts.

Anze Tomic - I Take My Yeti to Work
Episode 45 • Published Aug 05, 2014

Anze Tomic joins Chris Enns to discuss podcasting all the way from Slovenia. He has an english show called Storming Mortal as well as a Slovenian podcast network called Apparatus. He also has a Yeti. Sparks may fly.

Kyle and Tim - The Drapes Match The Microphone
Episode 44 • Published Jul 29, 2014

Kyle Roderick and Tim Smith join Chris Enns to discuss their respective shows on Goodstuff - Transmission and For the Record. We get gear geeky and production geeky. Hang on for a bit longer episode than usual. Enjoy!

Lex Friedman - Your Stats are Totally Bogus
Episode 43 • Published Jul 21, 2014

Lex joins Chris Enns to update listeners on the podcasts he’s been doing since his last appearance, Soundcloud’s push into podcasting, and of course podcasting sponsorship. Numbers, dollars and other important words are discussed in great length. And short length.

Karl Morand
Episode 42 • Published May 02, 2014

Karl Morand joins Chris Enns for a discussion on his political podcast, Middle East Week, and the interesting gear he uses to produce the show. Listen to hear many firsts on Show Me Your Mic including a new mic never mentioned before as well as new podcasts that you might want to add to your player of choice.

Joel Duggan
Episode 41 • Published Apr 17, 2014

Fellow Canadian Joel Duggan joins me to talk Game of Thrones, podcasting about TV, recording and editing M4A episodes, ideas for conducting interviews with multiple hosts, streaming live and being a part of podcast comunities.

Cary Barbor
Episode 40 • Published Apr 10, 2014

Cary Barbor of the Books and Authors podcast joins me to discuss interviewing face to face, conducting a good interview with an author and her background working at public radio.

Sam Kapila
Episode 39 • Published Mar 13, 2014

Sam Kapila joins me to discuss breakfast tacos, Austin, Texas, teaching and podcasting for a community. And more breakfast tacos.

Nicole Spag
Episode 38 • Published Feb 27, 2014

Nicole Spag joins me to talk about the podcasts she hosts, getting sponsorship/advertisers, building a community and the joys of being a nerd parent.

Ashley Milne-Tyte
Episode 37 • Published Feb 13, 2014

Ashley Milne-Tyte, host of The Broad Experience, joins me to chat about crafting a great podcast. I really enjoyed learning how she edits a longer interview down to a 2 or 3 minute story for news bites, and also how she produces her 10-15 minute episode of The Broad Experience.

Jeremy Keith
Episode 36 • Published Jan 30, 2014

Huffduffer is a great service for podcasters and it happens to be built by one guy - Jeremy Keith. Listeners of SSKTN will know that I, Chris Enns, am a big fan of Huffduffer so I wanted to have Jeremy on to chat about Huffduffer. We talked about where the idea came from, the nerdy origins of the name and ways to help your podcast look better when it gets Huffduff’d.

Mike Vardy
Episode 35 • Published Dec 17, 2013

Mike Vardy is my guest for the last show of 2013 to talk podcasting (obviously), Canadian content and all sorts of workflowy magic. Put on your favourite holiday sweater and make up a bowl of poutine and enjoy the show.

It’s Not You, It’s Just Me
Episode 34 • Published Dec 03, 2013

No guest this week due to a scheduling issue but I still wanted to record a few quick thoughts on an idea I’ve had for podcasters (new and pro) that might be interested in building their podcasts better - together. Kumbaya!

Justin Jackson
Episode 33 • Published Nov 26, 2013

Justin Jackson joins me for a chat where we talk about why you might podcast - or perhaps why you should kill a podcast. We also cover sponsorship, listener numbers and building community.

Katie Floyd
Episode 32 • Published Nov 12, 2013

Katie Floyd joins Chris Enns for episode 32 of Show Me Your Mic to chat about the soup to nuts of producing The Mac Power Users podcast - a Mac nerd’s dream podcast that’s produced 162+ episodes since 2009.

Chris Coyier
Episode 31 • Published Nov 05, 2013

Chris Coyier stops by to chat about screencasting, podcasting and how he prepares for both. We chat sponsorship and getting to work with Dave Rupert.

Jason Snell
Episode 30 • Published Sep 12, 2013

For a very special 30th episode of Show Me Your Mic I got to join Jason Snell at the Macworld offices in San Francisco and chat with Jason about The Incomparable, an award-winning weekly show about geeky cultural topics in numerous media, including books, movies, TV, comics, and games.

Anna Rascouet-Paz
Episode 29 • Published Aug 27, 2013

I’m joined by Anna Rascouet-Paz. She is the Online Media Editor at Annual Reviews where she hosts The Conversation Series - a podcast that interviews authors about their careers and most recent articles. We talk about tips for conducting a good interview, doing research and the idea of scripting your show. And of course we talk parenting and kids.

Chase Reeves
Episode 28 • Published Aug 22, 2013

Chase Reeves sets the record for the most markers in an episode. You’ll have to listen to find out why. Besides talking podcasting, Logic X, making money online and sucking up to Merlin Mann we also talk Aeropress brewing methods. And hemorrhoids.

Kyle Roderick
Episode 27 • Published Aug 20, 2013

I’m joined by Kyle Roderick who podcasts at Build and Ship and also works at Mophie as an interaction designer. We talked through his workflow for recording. We also talk about the life of a show, how it can be hard to talk on a weekly basis and the idea of doing a solo show.

Brett Terpstra
Episode 26 • Published Aug 13, 2013

I’m joined by Brett Terpstra - a returning guest on SSKTN. He’s the host of Systematic as well as code of a bunch of cool tools for making your Mac life easier and more efficient. We talk through his workflows, how stats don’t affect his life and podcasting in a vacuum.

Stephen Hackett
Episode 25 • Published Jul 30, 2013

The illustrious Mr. Stephen Hackett joins Chris Enns for the 25th anniversary episode of Show Me Your Mic to discuss timezones, accents and microphones on his podcast The Prompt.

Dr. Don Schaffner
Episode 24 • Published Jul 23, 2013

In the 24th episode I talk with Dr. Don Schaffner of the Food Safety Podcast. After getting the poop talk out of the way, we talk about where you share your show, workflows and editing with a co-host, checking on reviews in iTunes and travelling with your gear.

Lex Friedman
Episode 23 • Published Jul 16, 2013

Lex Friedman joins me on episode 23 to talk about podcasting sponsorship - what kind of listener audience you need, how many dollars you can expect to make. We also talk about the ethics of doing sponsor reads for competing companies and where we think podcasting is going in the future.

Myke Hurley Round 2
Episode 22 • Published Jul 11, 2013

For episode 22 I have my first returning guest in Myke Hurley. Since he was on a previous episode we spend our conversation talking about post production, changing formats of a show, doing a nighttime talk show, deciding when a show is done. Stick around for the AAOO where we fall into soundboard wars.

Jory Raphael
Episode 21 • Published Jul 09, 2013

I’m joined by Jory Raphael, a designer and illustrator specializing in the clean and usable. He’s known in podcasting circles for creating the distinctive show art for the 5by5 podcast network but also does great icon and design work for other clients – and is working on an app with friends for parents.

Merlin Mann
Episode 20 • Published Jul 02, 2013

It would be hard to overstate how much of an influence Merlin Mann has had on my online escapades. From the way I blog on my weblog, toot on my Twitter or tumble on my tumblr. You get the idea. This was 5 parts therapy, 8 parts fun and 10 parts nervous, giddy laughter (on my part). A total of 23 parts. Or a “full Merlin” as I like to call it. So fun.

Bill Wadman
Episode 19 • Published Jun 25, 2013

Bill Wadman joins me for episode 19 and we spend a bit of time talking about his photography business and the gear he uses for that before getting into a discussion on his podcast – On Taking Pictures. We talk 5by5, live streaming, and workflow of producing a two person photography podcast.

Aaron Dowd
Episode 18 • Published Jun 18, 2013

Aaron Dowd is a professional drummer, web designer, and self-taught audio editor for the ShopTalk Show, the ATX Web Show, Execute, and Happy Monday (and more to come). We talk about some suggestions for editing a podcast, tips for EQ’ing guests, and the plugins Aaron uses in Logic to produce a good sounding podcast.

Daniel Jalkut
Episode 17 • Published Jun 11, 2013

Daniel Jalkut, programmer and podcaster, joins me for episode 17. We talk about his goals for the perfect tweet, learning to appreciate your own voice, and talk about sponsorship and how to present it on a WordPress blog including a few plugins to recommend.

Ryan Irelan
Episode 16 • Published Jun 04, 2013

Ryan Irelan joins me for a discussion about Mijingo, his company that publishes training videos for the web and his work in setting up a studio at Happy Cog.

Chris Enns
Episode 15 • Published May 28, 2013

For episode 15 I turn the mic back on myself and invite Tim Smith to interview me about my setup here at SSKTN. We talk mics, mixers, live streaming, Skype and recording and just about everything in between.

Haddie Cooke
Episode 14 • Published May 21, 2013

For episode 14 I’m joined by producer/account manager and host on 5by5, Haddie Cooke. Haddie looks after everything from meeting with and booking sponsors, writing ad scripts, invoicing, setting up the room for recording. We cover all of that plus there’s an appearance by Dan Benjamin acting as producer for Haddie on this episode.

Calvin Powers
Episode 13 • Published May 14, 2013

Calvin Powers came from traditional radio to hosting a podcast focusing on classic Americana music. We talked about how he uses Google Hangouts to record interviews, publishing to radio and the internet, and looking for syndication opportunities.

Paul Boag
Episode 12 • Published May 07, 2013

Paul cofounded Headscape, a digital agency based in the UK, and as part of their marketing efforts he started Boagworld – a web design and development podcast. We talked about his workflow of ideas for podcasts, recording interviews at conferences, transcribing podcast episodes, scaling back and scaling up, and running seasonal shows.

Andrew Hellmich
Episode 11 • Published May 01, 2013

Andrew Hellmich is my guest for episode 11. He hosts the PhotobizXposed podcast and we talk about adding a podcast to your business, membership and premium extras for your show, thanking people who leave ratings on iTunes and the new to me recording software he uses for producing his shows.

Jeremy Fuksa
Episode 10 • Published Apr 23, 2013

Jeremy Fuksa joins Chris Enns for episode 10 of Show Me Your Mic. They talk podcast networks since he’s had a show on two big podcast networks, the trials of producing a video podcast, podcast appropriate sponsorship ideas and co-hosting a three person show called The Shakes on the Mule Radio Syndicate. Jeremy also took the opportunity to share a bit of the story behind his move from 5by5 to Mule Radio.

Cynthia Sanchez
Episode 9 • Published Apr 16, 2013

Cynthia Sanchez joins me to talk about podcasting about Pinterest. She produces a weekly podcast called Oh So Pinteresting and we talked about the benefits of using Pinterest in podcasting.

Dan Benjamin
Episode 8 • Published Apr 10, 2013

Dan Benjamin is one of the folks that really inspired me to get into podcasting and so it’s an honor to have him on this show. We run the gamut of podcasting from his start on the Hivelogic podcast to where he is now, networks vs individual podcasts, getting unstuck when podcasting, taking care of sponsors and plenty of fun discussion on life as a podcaster.

Adam Clark
Episode 7 • Published Apr 03, 2013

Adam Clark joins me for episode 7 to talk about his new podcast, The Gently Mad, and where it came from. We talk about conducting an interview and why it matters if you do a podcast.

Shawn Blanc
Episode 6 • Published Mar 26, 2013

Shawn Blanc joins me to chat about the start and ending of the B&B Podcast, moving to the 5by5 network, and his unique workflow for his solo membership show.

J.D. Andrew and Brady Goodman
Episode 5 • Published Mar 20, 2013

For episode 5 I’m joined by J.D. Andrew and Brady Goodman of The WAV Files podcast. Brady is a recovering radio DJ and J.D. is an audio engineer so we had lots to talk about including moving from radio to podcasting, how content is the most important thing to your podcast, advertising your podcast on Facebook, using Google+ to promote your podcast, and advice for new podcasters. Oh and we also got to hear the story of J.D.’s infamous encounter with Jian Ghomeshi on Q as part of The Boxmasters.

Darren Moser
Episode 4 • Published Mar 14, 2013

Darren Moser of The Dr. Sci-Fi podcast is my guest on episode 4. He has an interesting setup of hardware, software and services to get his podcast recorded - including an AI co-host. He’s only a few episodes in to his podcast, but he’s done a lot of thinking about the how and why of his podcast.

Tim Smith
Episode 3 • Published Feb 26, 2013

Tim Smith of The East Wing podcast is my guest on episode 3. We talk about picking guests, conducting a great interview, internet popularity and the sponsorship question - when, how much to charge, and how many listeners does The East Wing have.

Myke Hurley
Episode 2 • Published Feb 19, 2013

Myke Hurley is my guest for episode 2. We talk single shows versus setting up a network, when is the right time to approach a sponsor, using the tools you have, future-proofing your gear purchases, conducting a great interview and of course - what podcasts Myke is listening to.

Dave Rupert
Episode 1 • Published Feb 12, 2013

For episode 1 of Show Me Your Mic, I’m joined by Dave Rupert of ShopTalk Show fame. We talk about planning a podcast, gear that Dave has tried and attempting to keep a low budget on a high quality podcast.