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I'm Your Soup Dad
Episode 451 • Published Oct 27, 2021

It’s like we’re back from a small hiatus to find out our soup ages, as well as spending $2 on Taco Bell while on a plant-based cruise ship.

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Links and Show Notes


Quiz: How Old Are You Based on Your Soup Tastes?


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Today’s Special

National American Beer Day

How many national beer days are there?

While we’re of the mind that any day can be a national beer day, there are a few of note worth mentioning including International Beer Day (August 2), National Beer Day (April 7), and National Beer Can Appreciation Day (January 24).

1587: Colonists in Virginia work together to create the first American-brewed beers.

1852: Anheuser-Busch is founded as “Bavarian Brewery.” Now the #1 beer producer in America, the company reports it commands 46% of U.S. beer sales.


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