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A Blip of Fudge
Episode 420 • Published Jun 16, 2021

What else can we put in our mini-fridge? Maybe 15 million Girl Scout Cookies.

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Today’s Special

National Fudge Day


The varieties are mind-boggling

Chocolate is probably the most well-known flavor of fudge, simply because chocolate itself is so universally beloved. Besides chocolate and its variations (chocolate peanut-butter, chocolate mint, chocolate cherry, chocolate walnut, German chocolate), you can pig out on pumpkin pie, maple walnut, vanilla, coconut, blueberry, cherry, raspberry cheesecake, cookie dough, gingerbread, amaretto, Kahlua…need we go on? Suffice it to say that unless you had your sweet tooth extracted by the dentist at a very young age, you’re going to find a flavor of fudge that appeals to you.

It’s surprisingly easy to make

Perhaps because it’s closer kin to candy than to other treats like cookies or cakes, fudge has a reputation for being finicky and difficult to make. That may well stem from its late-19th-century history, when it often would have been made on a wood-fired stove and without the benefit of candy thermometers. Nowadays, we have precise temperature control, accurate measurement, and ingredients — corn syrup, marshmallow fluff and condensed milk — that make whipping up a batch of fudge a veritable snap.