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Frankenstein's Pizza
Episode 4 • Published Feb 09, 2020

The Super Bowl commercials dunked some mug cakes into the Old Bay, but we’re Lucky enough to get our garlic bread pizza out of the ATM.

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Links and Show Notes

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The madness for OLD BAY hot sauce melts the company’s website

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Lucky Charms Ice Cream Is Coming To Stores And It’s Packed With Magical Marshmallows And Cereal Pieces

Aldi Is Selling Pizza Made On Top Of Garlic Bread And It’s The Work Of Junk Food Genius

Kim Kardashian Reveals That She Likes To Dip Her Nuggets In Honey In McDonald’s Super Bowl Ad

’90s kids rejoice! Dunkaroos are coming back this summer - CNN

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The Papa John’s Papadia is a commendable experiment in salt and sauce

College Students Can Now Withdraw Fresh Pizza From An ATM During Their Late Night Study Sessions

What are the folks at home eating?