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Milk Birthday
Episode 18 • Published Jan 12, 2021

You gotta tell ‘em! CAKE People

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Goldfish Is Releasing A New Cheddar And Sour Cream Flavor That Will Totally Be Your Next Go-To Snack — Delish

McDonald’s Is Adding 3 New Crispy Chicken Sandwiches To Its Menu Including One Covered In Spicy Sauce — Delish

Viennetta Ice Cream Cakes Are Coming Back To The U.S. After Almost 30 Years — Delish

Dunkaroos And Go-Gurt Have Teamed Up To Make The Ultimate Snack Of Your Childhood Dreams — Delish

Oreo Is Releasing A Strawberry Frosted Donut Flavor Complete With Pink Filling And Rainbow Glitter — Delish

You Can Buy A Sauce Holder That Will Let You Dip McNuggets While You Drive — Delish

People can’t wait for Eggo’s new waffle cereal flavor — Mashed

The internet is divided on KFC’s gaming console. Here’s why — Mashed

McDonald’s to launch katsu chicken nuggets — The Independent

McDonald’s Is Releasing A New Burger And It’s Made With Spam and Oreos — Delish

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