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Making Burgers or K*****p
Episode 10 • Published Aug 21, 2017

Streaming video, launching Allo on the web, cat whiskers, meetchalata, California is the center of the USA, spider twitter, and the best way to eat sloppy buns.

Internet Residue or Giving Up on Twitter
Episode 9 • Published Aug 14, 2017

Audio Hijacking, putting an Airpod into a cat, ketchup catch up, picking food you don’t like, iPhone 8 punditry, C.A.T.S. follow up, holograms, and force-quitting Twitter.

Home Screens or Show Me Your Salad
Episode 8 • Published Jul 31, 2017

How the farmer sausage is made, a true hatred of tomatoes, and a deep dive into every single icon on our home screens.

Coffee or Smacking My Boiler
Episode 7 • Published Jul 25, 2017

Headphones bleeding, Mace Windu in your Finder, safe-word followup, and a tour through our coffee-drinking history and current brewing setups.

Backups or The Great Dongle War of 2021
Episode 6 • Published Jul 17, 2017

A bit of video game follow up from previous episodes, headphones and leakage, and how we back up our digital lives.

Podcast Listening or Hot Wind from the Desert
Episode 5 • Published Jul 10, 2017

Comparing and contrasting our humidity, opening the kimono all the way, playing a live game of Clash Royale, and how we listen to podcasts.

Video Games or No Cartridge to Blow Into
Episode 4 • Published Jul 03, 2017

Forgetting to pay your GST in Canada, location checking as an alibi, Leisure Suit Larry education, and a history of Chris and Kyle’s video game life.

Notifications or Frying Pans Can Act as Armor on Your Butt
Episode 3 • Published Jun 26, 2017

Parents adopting new tech, dental relationship status, IFTTT recipes for dinner, notification analysis paralysis, and Kyle explains PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS to Chris.

Media or PerPlexed by Streaming
Episode 2 • Published Jun 07, 2017

Comparing our Letterboxd diaries leads to a discussion of how we watch streaming media in 2017.

Note-Taking or Renting Goodstuff From the Cats
Episode 1 • Published May 31, 2017

Kyle and Chris discuss cats vs. kids, Costco runs, and the various methods of note taking the’ve tried over the years.