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Black Lives Matter - Rebroadcast from Ladybugs.dev
Episode 262 • Published Jun 10, 2020

I am rebroadcasting, with their permission, an episode of The Ladybug Podcast featuring an interview with Jocelyn Harper talking about why racism and privilege is so hard for people to talk about and what we can do to help.

This Is My First Pandemic
Episode 261 • Published Mar 30, 2020

We are just finishing our 14 day self-isolation and now joining the rest of our city in self isolation. Same same, but different?

This Is Surreal
Episode 260 • Published Mar 18, 2020

Some thoughts from day 3 of a self isolated quarantine while 3 kids have a nerf gun war in the background.

This Is Insanity
Episode 259 • Published Feb 06, 2019

Important update today.

New Podcast - Who Dis?
Episode 258 • Published Aug 14, 2018

Just barely making it under the one month wire, there’s a video version for Patreon supporters and plain old audio for the rest of ya’ll.

Social Media Jealousy
Episode 257 • Published Jul 16, 2018

I have some thoughts on the way Instagram makes me feel and what I might need to do about it. Also - iOS 12’s Screen Time is hopefully going to change things.

Way Too Villainiously
Episode 256 • Published Jun 27, 2018

Spoiler-ish episode if you’re planning on seeing The Incredibles 2. A mini-review of the movie that leads to my version of Way Too Seriously.

This is a Test of the Goodstuff Broadcasting System
Episode 255 • Published Jun 14, 2018

3 quick things: WWDC, new Goodstuff show, and World Cup 2018

A Review of Our U2 Experience in Montreal
Episode 254 • Published Jun 06, 2018

Sue joins me again to talk about our experience watching December, Acrobat, and a little Irish band called U2 live in Montreal.

Preshowing December, Acrobat, and U2
Episode 253 • Published Jun 05, 2018

Ever wonder what the thoughts of a U2 fan’s spouse are? Wonder no more - Sue joins me again to talk about life as a U2 fan spouse in advance of this week’s U2 concerts in Montreal.

Discussing the Digital Divide
Episode 252 • Published Jun 04, 2018

My wife Sue joins me on this episode to talk about the digital divide that exists in my head, in our social circles, and in our lives.

Podcast Editing and Consulting Work Is My Meat and Potatoes
Episode 251 • Published May 23, 2018

For folks who only listen to my podcast and don’t know what I actually do, here’s an episode explaining a bit about what I do in exchange for money which I use to buy meat and potatoes.

Moving from Todoist to TickTick
Episode 250 • Published May 09, 2018

Answering a listener question on why I switched from Todoist to TickTick for managing my todo items in life and work.

Quitting Achievement Unlocked and Fortnite
Episode 249 • Published May 07, 2018

I talk about whether I should quit just because I failed. And a bit about Fortnite.

Tax Time So Let's Talk TV
Episode 248 • Published Apr 30, 2018

Avoiding your taxes is an important part of being an adult.

Episode 247 • Published Apr 25, 2018

Knowing when to fold something, walk away, and run.

Descript Transcriptions on the Mac
Episode 246 • Published Apr 23, 2018

A little bit about Descript, a Mac app for automagical transcriptions of audio, and a little bit about waiting for an adult to come and tell me what I’m doing wrong.

Reminder To Myself - I Love Creating Podcasts and Videos
Episode 245 • Published Apr 20, 2018

Just a reminder to myself as much as any of you - I love doing this.

It's So Sad There's Other Podcasts in the World
Episode 244 • Published Apr 18, 2018

Comparing myself to others I haven’t even met is kind of silly.

There's a Cold Moving In
Episode 243 • Published Apr 16, 2018

Recovering from a cold, I bravely soldier on and record an episode of the podcast for you.

Scheduling Myself
Episode 242 • Published Apr 13, 2018

This episode I talk about how I, a grown 40-something year old manbaby, have figured out scheduling and unlocked the key to productivity. At least for this week.

Focus Chris. Focus.
Episode 241 • Published Apr 11, 2018

Sometimes I dive into too many projects and then have to spend time pulling back from things.

Sympathy for the Tanned
Episode 240 • Published Apr 10, 2018

I’m back in the land of ice and snow and it all feels like a 25C fever dream.

Working Remotely
Episode 239 • Published Mar 19, 2018

How green is the grass on the side of working from anywhere? Sometimes it’s a bit of tile, concrete, and salty water and the grass doesn’t actually grow.

Mexican Podcasting is Spicy
Episode 238 • Published Mar 13, 2018

First podcast recording from Mexico.

March Roars in Like a Lion
Episode 237 • Published Mar 06, 2018

I’m going Patreon only for the month of March. It’s not you, it’s me.

Heil PR40 vs ATR2100 Mic Comparison
Episode 236 • Published Feb 20, 2018

A quick comparison of two microphones - a Heil PR40 recorded into my Focusrite USB mixer vs the ATR2100 recording into my iPad Pro. Can you tell the difference? Price is certainly a difference!

Happy Tired Entrepreneurial Day
Episode 235 • Published Feb 14, 2018

Social media is wonderful for data nerds like me. But also awful for data nerds like me.

Trying Not to Listen to the Voices In or Out of My Head
Episode 234 • Published Feb 09, 2018

Patreon Lens, Instagram Course sales, and talking to the voices inside and outside of my head.

Going All In on iPad
Episode 233 • Published Feb 02, 2018

I’m doing an experiment where I try out an iPad Pro to see if I can do most, if not all, of my work from iOS.

Thoughts on YouTube's Partner Program Changes
Episode 232 • Published Jan 18, 2018

My comments on what YouTube’s changes to their partner program mean for the indie creators out there.

A New View on Work Life
Episode 231 • Published Jan 11, 2018

I reorganized my office and figure I should show the Patreon folks how it looks.

This is Us With Internet Stage Fright
Episode 230 • Published Jan 10, 2018

Hello 2018. Let’s get this thing over with.

An Introduction to Overwatch with Special Guest Dave Rupert
Episode 229 • Published Dec 19, 2017

Dave Rupert joins me to discuss the fun of Overwatch and give some tips for anyone thinking of starting out on their Overwatch journey. (⚠️ This one goes a bit longer than the usual 10m Daily(ish) episode.)

A Test of the Patreon Broadcasting System
Episode 228 • Published Dec 15, 2017

I’m testing out posting to Patreon first, and the regular feed for everyone else a day later. Will it work? I don’t know. I think I screwed up the date already in the audio of the episode.

Patreon Hits the Undo Button
Episode 227 • Published Dec 13, 2017

Except they’re not undoing the money and trust lost. At least not right away.

Experiencing U2's Songs of Experience
Episode 226 • Published Dec 01, 2017

A quick chat about U2’s new album, Songs of Experience, that was released today.

Infinity Until Friday
Episode 225 • Published Nov 29, 2017

There’s only 2 things happening this week in the world of media that mattered. jk.

Two Person Toilet Bowl Plunge
Episode 224 • Published Nov 28, 2017

Cashing in on your Cyber Monday coupons.

Cyber Your Monday Up
Episode 223 • Published Nov 27, 2017

This episode is full of cyber monday coupon codes that will improve your cyber Monday by at least 50% if you use coupon code CYBERMYMONDAYISH.

Blame it on the Snow
Episode 222 • Published Nov 14, 2017

A bit of a catchup (ketchup?) episode on what I’ve been up to lately.

Pick a Course, Any Course
Episode 221 • Published Oct 24, 2017

Help me decide what to do next with a little bit of social pressure.

Practicing in Public
Episode 220 • Published Oct 20, 2017

Get that monkey off your back by whatever means necessary.

Proudest Monkey
Episode 219 • Published Oct 19, 2017

Working through a conversation with a monkey I have nearly every day.

From Thin and Wicked Prairie Winds Come In
Episode 218 • Published Oct 18, 2017

Gord Downie died today. And I wanted to pay tribute to him in a small way on my podcast. I wish I could sing because I’d much rather cover his songs but my rambling will have to do instead.

BFFs with a Job Interviewer
Episode 217 • Published Oct 05, 2017

Coming down from a job interview, I record an episode with a bit of nervous energy. Hilarity may not have ensued but I feel much better now.

Say Hello to Fall Mode
Episode 216 • Published Sep 12, 2017

Fall has arrived. And along with it the smoke monster.

Say Hello to Summer Mode
Episode 215 • Published Jul 20, 2017

Summer mode has arrived and I’m stressed about it. Just make sure you drink lots of water and stay hydrated out there.

Lost and Lemon Reunion
Episode 214 • Published Jul 05, 2017

Catching up with Chris on how Lost Wax is doing. And some lemons.

Hey Twitter, What Do You Want to Know?
Episode 213 • Published Jun 28, 2017

Answering some tweets about music, Costco, and summer.

New Shows and Bedtime Conversations
Episode 212 • Published Jun 21, 2017

Two things I’m excited about plus conversations with my kids.

Air quotes The Husband End air quotes
Episode 211 • Published Jun 13, 2017

Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down and I’d like to take a minute just sit right there and I’ll tell you how I became the guy who hadn’t recorded an episode for nearly a month.

Getting Stuck in A Moment I Can't Get Out Of
Episode 210 • Published May 19, 2017

This isn’t the one where I talk about seeing U2 but it still kind of ends up being that.

Kicking My Brain into Traveling Gear
Episode 209 • Published May 11, 2017

How I get my brain to move on from subconscious worry to getting things done.

Friday Ear Worm That You Shouldn't Listen To
Episode 208 • Published Apr 28, 2017

You shouldn’t listen to this. Really.

The One About Kyle
Episode 207 • Published Apr 26, 2017

A quick interview with Lucy about Kyle along with some thoughts about S Town. Awkward segue? Yes.

Beware: The Hot Water Bottle Attacks
Episode 206 • Published Apr 19, 2017

The one where a hot water bottle attacks me.

My Podcasting Inspiration
Episode 205 • Published Apr 06, 2017

I was asked what inspired me to become a podcaster. This my answer.

Just Me and Kong
Episode 204 • Published Mar 22, 2017

Yesterday I did something I’ve never done before and it’s not what you think. Unless you’re thinking I went to a movie by myself. In which case then yes, it’s exactly what you think.

Goodstuff v3
Episode 203 • Published Mar 17, 2017

Deep breath - the new version of Goodstuff is finally out!

It's Cold. Again. Still. Whatever.
Episode 202 • Published Mar 10, 2017

Ask and you shall receive from the U2 marketing gods.

It's Cold
Episode 201 • Published Mar 09, 2017

Collecting my thoughts on U2’s Anniversary Collection of The Joshua Tree

Verbal Diarrhea, Part 2
Episode 200 • Published Mar 01, 2017

Happy Episode 200. It didn’t fizzle out or die on the vine!

Artisanally Crafted Computers with Dave Rupert
Episode 199 • Published Feb 08, 2017

I’m joined by Dave Rupert to talk about his move from Mac to Windows and why it’s not such a scary idea after all. Or is it? (cue ominious music)

Happy Post-Superbowl Monday
Episode 198 • Published Feb 06, 2017

It’s been a week plus a heads up for the next episode.

Listener Q - How to Cope With Hard Times?
Episode 197 • Published Jan 23, 2017

Question from Aaron on how to cope with hard times.

Minimalism - A Review of a Documentary About Promoting a Book
Episode 196 • Published Jan 18, 2017

We watched Minimalism - A Documentary About the Important Things last night and I had a few thoughts that I’ll try and keep to a minimum, naturally.

The Joshua Tree 2017
Episode 195 • Published Jan 17, 2017

Special U2 correspondent Christopher Schmitt joins me to talk about U2’s recent tour announcement and decision to milk The Joshua Tree for one more run.

Happy New Year
Episode 194 • Published Jan 04, 2017

A recap of Xmas and a look forward to all things new in 2017.

A Review of Rogue One by Two Christophers
Episode 193 • Published Dec 16, 2016

Christopher Schmitt joins me to review and discuss Rogue One, which opened this week in theatres around the world. Is it A New Hope or does it make us want to strike back at the ticket seller for letting us go see it?

The Bummer of Giving Out Free Advice About Skiffs of Snow
Episode 192 • Published Nov 30, 2016

Give away what you know on YouTube and blogs to show how smart you are and then people will pay you for what you know is what we’ve been told for the last few years. Nuts I say.

What’s On Our TV in November? Surviving the Crown in WestWorld?
Episode 191 • Published Nov 23, 2016

I talk about the shows we’ve been watching in November - a little bit of reality TV, some Netflix drama, and an HBO mystery.

Digging Out
Episode 190 • Published Nov 16, 2016

A quick germ free update on what’s been going on for the last week or so. Also - stay home if you’re sick you dumb dumbs!

The One With Lucy’s Lego
Episode 189 • Published Nov 07, 2016

My daughter joins me for a quick tour of her Lego Friends as well as her review of Frozen. SPOILERS

Monotasking vs Multitasking, Schedule vs Calendar
Episode 188 • Published Oct 19, 2016

I like to think I can multitask and I also like to think I can work without a schedule. Both of these things are wrong. I’m trying to change that.

What Do I Find Interesting That Nobody Else Seems To?
Episode 187 • Published Oct 05, 2016

Aaron G asked - “What Do You Find Interesting That Nobody Else Seems To?”

Head to Minneapolis for BBQ
Episode 186 • Published Oct 04, 2016

I forgot to mention a huge thanks to Tim and Harold for their Minnesota hospitality and Texas style BBQ on my trip home from

A Driving Case of the Mondays
Episode 185 • Published Oct 03, 2016

Some thoughts on getting stuck in a rut and how you help me get unstuck.

U240 Weekend in Cleveland at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Episode 184 • Published Sep 30, 2016

A quick oh wow it’s already Friday review of last weekend’s trip out to Cleveland for

Super Mario Kills Headphone Ports on the iPhone 7
Episode 183 • Published Sep 08, 2016

My cold induced hot takes on Apple’s fall announcements. (This episode has a video version for Patreon supporters.)

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice
Episode 182 • Published Sep 02, 2016

Follow up on the

What If?
Episode 181 • Published Aug 19, 2016

I asked a “What if…” question on Twitter yesterday and got a bunch of awesome responses to my

I Broke Typeform
Episode 180 • Published Aug 11, 2016

In a previous episode I asked for feedback and then the form I was using promptly broke — so it’s back and so am I.

Rescue Bot ‘Splaining
Episode 179 • Published Aug 09, 2016

I have a couple of helpers for this episode to explain some of the cool things about Rescue Bots and a My Little Pony.

Frickin Friday
Episode 178 • Published Aug 05, 2016

Where I’ve been and what’s been up. It’s another wiener weekend though.

Happy Monday?
Episode 177 • Published Jul 18, 2016

Less wieners and more work. I promise. Actually I discuss the different ways my business attention is being pulled - WordPress developer, podcast editor, Mac tech support, audio host, and sound fx button pusher. When is it time to focus? When do you just shut up and take the money?

Oww My toes
Episode 176 • Published Jul 14, 2016

Fixing your toes with toilet paper. It really doesn’t work.

Forty is Coming
Episode 175 • Published Jul 13, 2016

I talk a bit about the prospects of turning 40 and open up a bit about the sads in life.

Wiener Talk
Episode 174 • Published Jul 13, 2016

Parental PSA - Morning Show should not be listened to over supper. It’s nothing but filth and potty talk.

Sleep You Idiot
Episode 173 • Published Jul 05, 2016

I know my problem is anything but s**. I refuse to admit it. I will not say the s-word.

Chris Talks to Chris
Episode 172 • Published May 31, 2016

Lost audio from Lost & Lemon makes it’s way onto the Daily(ish) stream. Chris and Chris catch up on life, business, and roller skating pirate hats.

Rambling About Snapchat
Episode 171 • Published May 25, 2016

I talk a bit more about why I find Snapchat a curious platform to play on.

1 Guy, 2 Questions
Episode 170 • Published May 11, 2016

A bit of follow up on my Snapchat 101 course as well as answering a question from listener Aaron Goodwin about what I find interesting that no one else seems to.

Marketing and Launching my Snapchat 101 Course
Episode 169 • Published Apr 20, 2016

What I did to tell folks about my Snapchat 101 course as well as how the initial sales have been. Did they meet my expectations? (Yes) Am I quitting my day job and moving to Mexico to be a full time edutrepeneurainer? (No) Listen and find out… oh nvm.

How I Made my Snapchat 101 Course for Gumroad
Episode 168 • Published Apr 19, 2016

I talk about how I put together my Snapchat 101 video course - the apps I used to put it together as well as why I chose to use Gumroad.

Launch Day!
Episode 167 • Published Apr 15, 2016

My Snapchat 101 course goes live today and I already screwed up!

How to Snapchat Your Way to Riches
Episode 166 • Published Apr 08, 2016

I’ve had my head down working on something and - woop! - here it is.

Reviewing Zootopia
Episode 165 • Published Mar 15, 2016

TL;DR version - Go see it. Also - kids get sick from time to time and my brain needs to just deal with that and move on.

Sick Minecraft Follow Up Dude
Episode 164 • Published Mar 08, 2016

Sick followup! Answering the question on everybody’s mind from the previous episode.

Upvote Downvote - What’s Going to Happen Today?
Episode 163 • Published Mar 04, 2016

When is a kid sick and when is a kid not sick? That is kinda the question - maybe?

Shure Thing
Episode 162 • Published Feb 23, 2016

Testing out a Shure MV51 in place of my usual Heil PR40.

Listener Question - What Do You Hope to Accomplish?
Episode 161 • Published Feb 17, 2016

I’m curious what you hope to accomplish with your podcasting endeavours? I know that’s a big question, I’m just wondering what drives you to podcast day after day?

Freedom vs Constraints
Episode 160 • Published Feb 16, 2016

I don’t do well without constraints. I’m adult enough to know I need to get stuff done without a teacher or boss telling me to, but I’m still the worst procrastinator at life.

Friday Night Anchor Nacho Party
Episode 159 • Published Feb 13, 2016

Combining two of my greatest loves - eating nachos and podcasting and introducing Anchor.fm.

Snapchatting to the Oldies
Episode 158 • Published Feb 10, 2016

I picked up Firewatch but have only played the first day so official review will wait. I also tried explaining Snapchat to Sue.

Twitch Streaming and Twitch Recording
Episode 157 • Published Feb 08, 2016

What do I do when I don’t feel like I have something to talk about? Test out some new technology so I have an excuse to record an episode of course! This time it’s Twitch.tv live stream.

Getting Distracted by The Beatles
Episode 156 • Published Feb 04, 2016

Wasting time preparing to do a thing by not doing the thing at all is what I’m best at.

Episode 155 • Published Feb 03, 2016

A special guest on today’s episode - Sue stops by to fill in for me and talks about life with 3 strong willed children. Maybe you can relate to the fun?

Blind Cold Rage
Episode 154 • Published Feb 02, 2016

Raging against the cold and investigating Loopback and Audio Hijack by Rogue Amoeba.

2016-02 The Month of Honesty Question Mark
Episode 153 • Published Feb 01, 2016

Recording an episode every(ish) day in February means I have to start now.

Back to the Frozen Basement With You!
Episode 152 • Published Jan 29, 2016

Travelling 3,200kms to find out you still have the same shadow you had before you left. A mouthblog in progress.

The Best Wifi in Mazatlan is at Domino’s Pizza
Episode 151 • Published Jan 01, 2016

New Year’s Eve plans and adventures and being followed by your issues no matter where you go.

Podcasting on the Beach
Episode 150 • Published Dec 22, 2015

Quick travel update and testing out of the Mazatlan recording “studio”.

Pew Pew Mic Shootout Pew Pew
Episode 149 • Published Dec 15, 2015

A quick mic test of my new Samson C01U Pro USB condenser microphone. It definitely helps me appreciate the Heil PR40 mic I usually use but I think it’ll be ok for a backup/travel solution.

Going Behind a Paywall
Episode 148 • Published Dec 09, 2015

With travel plans ahead, I’m taking Daily(ish) to a Patreon supporters only show for the next little while. Support me on Patreon for a dollar or more per month and you’re in the club!

Cheating On My Patreon
Episode 147 • Published Dec 01, 2015

I talk about the other mental blockage that’s been holding me back from podcasting lately.

Reacting to Life
Episode 146 • Published Nov 30, 2015

I’m quitting everything and driving truck in Europe.

Planning for Winter
Episode 145 • Published Nov 19, 2015

Talking about plans to escape the winter after one day of snow and cold.

Running Back to Saskatoon
Episode 144 • Published Nov 16, 2015

Talking about travel.

The Advice of One
Episode 143 • Published Oct 30, 2015

Taking the advice of one and acting on it.

Talking to Moms
Episode 142 • Published Oct 27, 2015

My thought on giving a talk on the basics of using your iPhone and how nerdy I really am.

Choosing Joy
Episode 141 • Published Oct 21, 2015

Utterly tired and choosing joy in the midst of being exhausted.

Star Wars - The Force Awakens Trailer Review
Episode 140 • Published Oct 20, 2015

My review of the Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer.

Episode 139 • Published Oct 16, 2015

The golf is frustrating. To go in front. Thin guy is fat. tgif.

Episode 138 • Published Oct 14, 2015

There’s not enough Magic devices in my life it would seem.

Tuesday Meh
Episode 137 • Published Oct 06, 2015

Still alive. Still here. Holy kaw it’s October.

New Patreon Video and New Audio Dingus
Episode 136 • Published Sep 24, 2015

Check out my new Patreon video! And I test out a new audio dingus called a Fethead to boost the signal, baby!

Do You Need a Viking Helmet? I Bet You Do
Episode 135 • Published Sep 18, 2015

Feedback Followup Friday and my brother-in-law’s new video and Patreon page you should check out.

Blabbing About Blab
Episode 134 • Published Sep 16, 2015

The first step in dealing with being an early adopter nerd is admitting that you are - on a platform that nobody else has heard of.

Tweetstorms are Stupid
Episode 133 • Published Sep 14, 2015

Venting on Twitter is helpful especially if you’re avoiding vacuuming.

3 Movies and a Video Game
Episode 132 • Published Sep 08, 2015

I review the 3 movies and a video game that I played/watched this weekend - Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Wild, The World’s End and Terraria. And I claim I have no time to get anything done?

August Wrap Up
Episode 131 • Published Aug 31, 2015

My thoughts on how August went recording near-daily episodes, videos for Patreon supporters, and where it’s all going.

Unbridled Passion for Useless Information
Episode 130 • Published Aug 28, 2015

A bit of FFF wrapped in a brain dump of the useless things I care about and what I could do about it.

It’s Not Friday It’s Thursday
Episode 129 • Published Aug 27, 2015

A few quick thoughts today before getting back to work. Be sure to send in questions, comments, suggestions for FFF tomorrow!

Guardians of the Daily(ish) T-shirt Review
Episode 128 • Published Aug 26, 2015

Thoughts on a t-shirt for Patreon supporters and a mini-review of Guardians of the Galaxy.

The One With Paul On It
Episode 127 • Published Aug 26, 2015

My brother-in-law Paul joins me to talk about wifi battles, English PhD’ing, and how we can fix our in-laws.

Sitting On a Air Mattress
Episode 126 • Published Aug 21, 2015

Feedback Follow-Up Friday with a friend - one of my brother-in-laws joins me to chat about Patreon support, ideas for Patreon rewards and recording from a blowup air mattress.

364 More Days Until It’s All About Me Again
Episode 125 • Published Aug 20, 2015

Are you keeping up with the daily Daily(ish)? And I break my rule about fight club, sorry.

HB 2 Me
Episode 124 • Published Aug 19, 2015

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.

Winter Zombie Apocalypse
Episode 123 • Published Aug 18, 2015

What happens in my brain when things start to cloud over I wonder aloud on the podcast today.

I Got One New Fan
Episode 122 • Published Aug 17, 2015

Update on the AC issues, working on the weekend and plans to podcast from an air mattress.

Stupid Checks and FFF
Episode 121 • Published Aug 14, 2015

A rant on checks as well as a bit of Feedback Followup Friday.

Complaining About the Heat
Episode 120 • Published Aug 13, 2015

I’m adding a new Patreon goal! Fix our air conditioner!

Land of Living Skies and 35 Degree Heat
Episode 119 • Published Aug 12, 2015

Back in the Goodstuff North studios recording today’s Daily(ish). Coming back to your own business can still feel like a drag and other things I can’t really justify complaining about and yet I do.

Lesson of the Day
Episode 118 • Published Aug 11, 2015

A quick chat on what’s fair and what’s equal.

Live from the Lake
Episode 117 • Published Aug 10, 2015

A quick episode from the lake while I walk to the coffee shop and try and do some work when everyone else is having fun. I feel your pity.

Feedback Followup Friday (FFF for Short)
Episode 116 • Published Aug 07, 2015

Updates on how the Daily is going versus the Ish, Patreon update and a little bit more U2.

Let’s Play On the Internet
Episode 115 • Published Aug 06, 2015

Meeting a fellow internet creative person IRL is a fun experience I had at family camp. How’s that for a run-on sentence?

I Need Your Cold Remedy
Episode 114 • Published Aug 05, 2015

Send me your tired, huddled masses of ideas that help fight colds.

Welcome to August
Episode 113 • Published Aug 04, 2015

Blame Canada for the delay of the daily podcasts in August. And also brunch.

Planning for August
Episode 112 • Published Jul 24, 2015

It’s almost August. One week. Gotta make the most of this thing we call summer.

Telemarketing Your Way to Success
Episode 111 • Published Jul 16, 2015

A telemarketer inspired me to be more direct with you. So here goes.

I Like U2 And I Don’t Care Who Knows It
Episode 110 • Published Jul 14, 2015

We launched a new podcast today on Goodstuff. Don’t listen to this - go listen to that!

Iced Coffee and Ear Sweat
Episode 109 • Published Jul 10, 2015

Friday afternoon makes for a great time to podcast. Where is this thing going? Higher! Colder! Faster! Stronger!

We’re Doing a Podcast of Lego
Episode 108 • Published Jul 02, 2015

I’m joined by my sons to talk Lego and Star Wars - important things in a young kid’s world.

Changing the Feed May Break All the Things
Episode 107 • Published Jul 01, 2015

Happy Canada Day, eh? Warnings of upcoming feed and hosting changes that might not all work smoothly because humans and computers don’t mix.

Can a Monkey Have a Name?
Episode 106 • Published Jun 25, 2015

We have a bit of a crisis in our home and we need your help.

Matt McGee from atu2.com
Episode 105 • Published Jun 18, 2015

Matt McGee from atu2.com joins me to talk about U2, the current Innocence and Experience tour and how being a fan of a band has changed over the twenty years since he started atu2.com.

The Chicken and the Egg Thing
Episode 104 • Published Jun 17, 2015

I got some great responses to previous episodes and so I take time on this episode to respond to one of the responses. Hashtag respond!

Testing Spoken.co
Episode 103 • Published Jun 12, 2015

Publishing something on Spoken.co - a new web app built by some of the folks behind Authentic Jobs.

What Would I Do With 365 Days?
Episode 102 • Published Jun 04, 2015

Continuing from the previous episode’s discussion, I talk about the idea of funding development of Goodstuff and whether that would be a good thing or not. Also, how you can support podcasters.

Talking Through an Idea
Episode 101 • Published Jun 03, 2015

Are you ever curious about how a podcast gets from idea to your eardrums? If so, this might be an episode for you. I recorded a chat with Sue as we debate a new show idea for Goodstuff that may (or may not) ever hit your ears in the future. But it’s fun to document the process!

U2 Time with Christopher Schmitt
Episode 100 • Published May 29, 2015

Episode 100! A discussion of U2’s Innocence and Experience tour, the new album and anything else that we still haven’t found on the streets that have no name with or without your velvet dress in Miami, New York or California. One.

Fighting the Dumb Voices in My Head
Episode 99 • Published May 28, 2015

A few rambling thoughts on job, life, focus and drowning out the voices in my head.

Calendars and Todos
Episode 98 • Published May 26, 2015

Summary - I need to figure out how to turn tinkering with my tools into what i do instead of what I do to avoid doing what I do. Talking Sunrise.am.

Bringing Order to Chaos
Episode 97 • Published May 21, 2015

Sue joins me to talk about anything but Survivor so instead we talk about the joy of order.

Why I Don’t Watch the Watch
Episode 96 • Published May 20, 2015

Dates are hard. Why do I not care about the Apple Watch? A crisis of one man’s faith in a company named after a fruit.

Listener Chat - Daily(ish) with Bobbi
Episode 95 • Published May 19, 2015

I’m joined by Bobbi - long time listener and first time guest - to chat about what her daily(ish) is like. We chat about rural living, raising kids and letting them go and the fun of podcasting normal life.

Mad Men Mad Man
Episode 94 • Published May 18, 2015

I’m a little nostalgic for Mad Men as the series closed out with a great finale last night.

Giving Myself Advice
Episode 93 • Published May 15, 2015

Paying the person for the things and advice on how to monetize your mattress.

Anniversaries and Delinquent Podcasting
Episode 92 • Published May 13, 2015

I can explain. I can explain. And I do. Goodstuff stuff and a new segment on Daily(ish)?

Barcamp 2015
Episode 91 • Published May 04, 2015

Barcamp review and reasons why you should have a barcamp in your world.

The Great Office Space Search of 2015
Episode 90 • Published Apr 27, 2015

Searching for something that costs more than nothing is a hard thing to do.

Watch This Space
Episode 89 • Published Apr 24, 2015

20 minutes till the weekend. Watch-a gonna do?

Thoughts on Rescue Bots and Apple Watch
Episode 88 • Published Apr 23, 2015

My son Mason joins me to share some important news about Rescue Bots and the Apple Watch.

Waking Up Grumpy
Episode 87 • Published Apr 22, 2015

If I don’t feel like it, do I have to do it?

Getting Kicked Out of Office
Episode 86 • Published Apr 20, 2015

Update on The ListServe email and getting kicked out of my office. What’s a nerd to do?

Winning the ListServe
Episode 85 • Published Apr 16, 2015

I won The ListServe and this is what I wrote.

Back On Twitter and My Life Has Changed Forever (again)
Episode 84 • Published Apr 08, 2015

How I gave up Twitter and how I went back to it and found myself all over again. Or something like that.

Crowdsource My Tweets
Episode 83 • Published Apr 02, 2015

It’s almost time to go back on Twitter. What should my first tweet back be?

Should You Periscope?
Episode 82 • Published Mar 26, 2015

Periscope, Twitter’s new live video streaming app is out. Should you use it? What could you use it for? The answers may surprise you. More after the jump.

A Test of the Lightning Thunderbolt Firewire Dongle Adapter Thingy
Episode 81 • Published Mar 25, 2015

This has been a test of the Lightning Thunderbolt Firewire Dongle Adapter Thingy.

Harmontowning My Emotional Bone
Episode 80 • Published Mar 24, 2015

Some thoughts after watching the documentary Harmontown. Being emotionally vulnerable without being an emotional bag of emotion.

Throwing Up Daily(ish)
Episode 79 • Published Mar 20, 2015

It’s not all about puke but there’s a little discussion of puke ok?

Muzak and Captain America
Episode 78 • Published Mar 12, 2015

Thanking an internet friend for superhero movies and picking podcast music.

Not Enough Coffee in Your Monday
Episode 77 • Published Mar 02, 2015

If you don’t tweet about a podcast, does anybody hear?

Twitter-less Life Report
Episode 76 • Published Feb 26, 2015

What’s it like to unplug from Twitter for awhile? And where do all my thoughts go that would otherwise have gone out via tweets?

Tweetless Lent
Episode 75 • Published Feb 18, 2015

Clarification on what I meant by giving up Twitter for Lent in yesterday’s episode. And arguments about podcast listening speed.

Photo Sharing and Giving Up Things for Lent
Episode 74 • Published Feb 17, 2015

How do you share photos with family and friends that aren’t necessarily for everyone? And are you giving up something for Lent? I talk a bit about what I’m thinking of giving up and the answer may surprise you. More after the jump.

Quick Confidence
Episode 73 • Published Feb 11, 2015

Jumping off a discussion from Lost & Lemon to talk about false humility and confidence.

Kids and Work
Episode 72 • Published Feb 05, 2015

Follow up from yesterday’s episode and some thoughts from my kids on what I do.

Will You Be My Fitness Pal on the Hamster Wheel of Life?
Episode 71 • Published Feb 04, 2015

Talking about the effects of diet, exercise, sleep during times of stress. (Somehow missed the intro music on the export today. Do you miss it?)

Go To Bed You Dummy
Episode 70 • Published Jan 26, 2015

Podcasting post follow-up and bedtime routines.

No More Heavy Breathing
Episode 69 • Published Jan 22, 2015

A roundup of recent activity with apologies for heavy breathing.

The One With the Assistant Audition
Episode 68 • Published Jan 20, 2015

Testing out Audition for this episode - can you hear me now? And I have a special assistant helping out on this episode.

Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth
Episode 67 • Published Jan 16, 2015

Reminiscing about the pilot of Battlestar Galactica on the 10 year anniversary of it’s release.

30 Degrees
Episode 66 • Published Jan 14, 2015

The weather has changed! iTunes featured my podcast - no, the other podcast. No, no. The other podcast.

Breakfast Racism
Episode 65 • Published Jan 12, 2015

Talking about family breakfast routines and how ours just changed. What breakfast routines do/did you have with your family?

Wii U Be My Friend?
Episode 64 • Published Jan 09, 2015

My podcasting insecurities, Wii U arrival, Star Wars update and transparency with Patreon.

Return of the Podcast
Episode 63 • Published Jan 05, 2015

Christmas holidays, new year ideas and Star Wars for kids.

Podcasting About a Podcast Recording App Podcast Episode
Episode 62 • Published Dec 23, 2014

I’m testing out a new (to me) recording program called Hindenburg and so this is me using Hindenburg for the first time.

Closing the Door on a Podcast to Open a Window on a Dumb Analogy
Episode 61 • Published Dec 12, 2014

TIRP ended yesterday and I talk a bit about why I felt it was time to say goodbye, despite the fact that it was a ton of fun to do. Also be sure to support me in my campaign to keep Fullscreen off Goodstuff. Details inside.

Patreon Updates and AeroPress Eggnog
Episode 60 • Published Dec 03, 2014

A quick update on my Patreon support along with the coffee I’m drinking and something you should tune in for tomorrow on Goodstuff.network.

Cleanup Episode
Episode 59 • Published Nov 25, 2014

Clean up, clean up. Everybody clean up.

Peak Earwax Season
Episode 58 • Published Nov 20, 2014

I need your help dear listener with a pressing question at the end of this podcast so be sure to stick around. Also - earwax at Starbucks and reaching peak loneliness.

Quality Over Quantity
Episode 57 • Published Nov 18, 2014

A bit of meta podcasting talk related to my Patreon as well as upping our game in podcasting in general. Sorry this episode has been lost somehow!

Got Milk?
Episode 56 • Published Nov 12, 2014

Do I really need help getting milk? What does it really feel like?

Goodstuff Meetup and Remembrance Day
Episode 55 • Published Nov 11, 2014

Some follow up from last episode’s announcement, details on a Goodstuff meetup and how to remember Remembrance Day in podcast form.

I Said Yes to the Facebook Invite First
Episode 54 • Published Nov 04, 2014

Something big is happening that’s thus far gone unsaid on this podcast. It could affect us all - or at least me so it’s important you be made aware of it.

Shutting Up by Talking About Things
Episode 53 • Published Oct 30, 2014

A mental block gets in the way and sometimes you just need to turn the amp up to eleven and smash out some dumb riffs.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Episode 52 • Published Oct 27, 2014

My thoughts on the Jian Ghomeshi firing and subsequent story in the Toronto Sun and where I stand on the whole issue.

The Drew Dilemma
Episode 51 • Published Oct 19, 2014

Sue joins Chris to talk Survivor again. Was it fun to see Drew get what was coming to him? We thought so.

Sinus Sympathy
Episode 50 • Published Oct 16, 2014

It’s a bittersweet symphony that’s going on in my sinuses. Want me to blow my nose in your ear?

Popping my Pop Filter
Episode 49 • Published Oct 09, 2014

New (gently used) pop filter arrived so I had to quickly try it out - thanks Jordan Cooper!

Intro to Goodstuff.network for Random iTunes Podcast People
Episode 48 • Published Oct 08, 2014

A special hello and introduction to Goodstuff.network for people randomly coming across our network thanks to it being featured in the iTunes Podcast listing.

Losing to a Girl
Episode 47 • Published Oct 04, 2014

Susan joins Chris to talk episode 2 of Survivor season 29. Not as great an episode of Survivor this time which possibly means not as great an episode of Daily(ish)? You be the judge.

Shysters, Charlatans and Liars.
Episode 46 • Published Oct 02, 2014

First fan submitted version of Daily(ish)! And a the start of some thoughts on dealing with shysters, charlatans and liars.

Do You Know What I Do?
Episode 45 • Published Sep 30, 2014

Chris tries out a new mic technique and talks a bit about what he does. Do you know what he does?

Surviving Survivor for 29 Seasons
Episode 44 • Published Sep 26, 2014

Chris Enns is joined by Susan Enns to chat about the start of season 29 of Survivor. Why do they still watch it after all these years? What do they think about this season’s guests, the show format and Jeff Probst’s silly questions?

iPhone 6 Review One Week Later
Episode 43 • Published Sep 25, 2014

This is a personality driven podcast by a guy with no personality. Podcasting a bit about podcasting and reviewing my iPhone 6 one week later. With a quick Patreon update as well.

My Thoughts on Money
Episode 42 • Published Sep 22, 2014

Money makes my world go around unfortunately and I get kind of frustrated by how it’s changed.

How to Be Successful in 21 Easy Steps
Episode 41 • Published Sep 18, 2014

Link-bait title notwithstanding, Chris talks a bit about how success is perceived in our culture and his own struggles with running a business and the successes and failures along the way.

Happy iOS 8 Day
Episode 40 • Published Sep 17, 2014

iOS 8 will be released sometime today - a few thoughts and a word of warning regarding iCloud Drive.

A U2 Podcast For Someone
Episode 39 • Published Sep 16, 2014

Chris is joined by Christopher Schmitt to discuss the recent U2 album release in depth - the way it was released by Apple, the backlash online to getting a free album and our thoughts on which song to listen to if you want to go beyond the single.

Managing Ideas and To-Dos
Episode 38 • Published Sep 15, 2014

Chris talks in brief about some of the ways he manages his to do list and projects. He’s got plans for a deeper dive on this and related topics.

First World iProblems
Episode 37 • Published Sep 12, 2014

Having pre-order remorse. I think I’ll go buy something to help forget about it.

The Miracle (of a Mini Album Review)
Episode 36 • Published Sep 11, 2014

I’m still buzzing from the new U2 album surprise and do a quick review of it. Could Song of Innocence be their best album of the 2000’s?

iPhones, Watches and Songs of Innocence
Episode 35 • Published Sep 10, 2014

My quick recap of the Apple event yesterday including which iPhone 6 I think I’d upgrade to. My thoughts on Apple Pay, the  WATCH and U2’s appearance and new album.

Thoughts on Apple’s Special Event Tomorrow
Episode 34 • Published Sep 08, 2014

I wish I could say more… so I will. My thoughts on Apple’s special event tomorrow including new iPhones and wearables of all sorts.

Super Stickman Travel Review
Episode 33 • Published Aug 27, 2014

I follow up from the travel episode with responses from listeners and how things went for us. Minivan design tips and a way for Canadians to recover from losing Tim Horton’s by playing Threes!

The Travelling Podcaster
Episode 32 • Published Aug 21, 2014

Podcasting - Why do people still have no clue? Travel - How do you do it with kids? Do you give in to the tech or abstain? I’m looking for tips as we pack up for a trip of our own.

Half Hearted Attempts at a Relay
Episode 31 • Published Aug 19, 2014

A half hearted Patreon campaign and a new podcast network launches on the internet.

Saying Goodbye to SSKTN
Episode 30 • Published Aug 14, 2014

Talking about shuttering SSKTN.com the domain and the mixed emotions associated with it.

Creatively Thinking Yourself to Death
Episode 29 • Published Jul 28, 2014

Follow up from a listener and an example of why I shouldn’t record before I’ve had my coffee.

Not Nearly a Daily Lex
Episode 28 • Published Jul 21, 2014

Motivated by my internal competition with Lex Friedman to be more daily, I record an episode to update you on my Patreon campaign and my afternoon plans.

Getting Serious About Patreon. Maybe?
Episode 27 • Published Jul 15, 2014

I talk about a discussion I had with my brother-in-law on Lost and Lemon about video editing, which lead to thoughts on doing a Patreon page which leads to my plans to actually launch a Patreon project. Whew.

The Playoff Beard
Episode 25 • Published Jun 24, 2014

Blaine joins Chris this week to talk Amazon Fire Phone, Starbucks free University tuition, Angry Birds Transformers, playoff beards and Slingshot vs Snapchat.

Using Celebrity for Neutral
Episode 24 • Published Jun 17, 2014

It’s Tech Talk Tuesday time and I’m joined by Kari Halsted to talk about MosoConf 2014, a local mobile social conference Kari attended last week. Also, Bill Murray.

Myke Hurley Moves On
Episode 26 • Published Jun 10, 2014

A few thoughts on Myke Hurley’s announcement that he’s leaving 5by5 for something new.

Tech Talk Tuesday for June 10th, 2014
Episode 23 • Published Jun 10, 2014

I’m joined by former co-host and friend Blaine Korte to discuss this week’s headlines and news as we saw it. This week - Minecraft, Instagram, MAC addresses, can opener case, Star Wars and Snowden.

Testing Tech Talk Tuesday for June 3rd, 2014
Episode 22 • Published Jun 03, 2014

Bear with me as I run this little experiment. I had an idea to do a quick look at things I found interesting around the web on Tuesdays and Thursdays - my usual podcasting days - and record it in the Daily(ish) feed. Like it? Hate it? Email me or hit me up on Twitter with your thoughts.

My Thoughts on Apple’s WWDC 2014 Keynote
Episode 21 • Published Jun 03, 2014

I share my thoughts on Apple’s Keynote event at WWDC 2014 including their announcement of iOS 8, OS X Yosemite and more. Apologies for the length of this episode - I broke my 10 minute rule.

Saying Goodbye
Episode 20 • Published May 27, 2014

I talk about a post I wrote for my grandpa who is dying in the hospital. A few thoughts on life, death and healing.

Drop the Mic
Episode 19 • Published May 15, 2014

I’m back from vacation and need to remind myself to go again. I talk about taking a break, having a head cold and my mic almost falls off. Not a euphemism.

Chris’ IT Web Emporium
Episode 18 • Published Apr 29, 2014

Another bee in my bonnet episode - shysters and frauds in the IT industry that try and do everything rather than focusing on just doing a few things really well.

Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter Except That it Does
Episode 17 • Published Apr 24, 2014

Talking through another blog post - this time on helping determine what’s an opinion vs fact in client work.

The Kids Are Alright
Episode 16 • Published Apr 18, 2014

A quick episode today where I’m joined by two special guests. They won’t be on every episode but they’ll pop up from time to time - as long as they don’t eat the cables or pull the mic off and destroy it.

One Myth of Owning Your Own Business
Episode 15 • Published Apr 15, 2014

Today I wanted to talk a bit about the joys, or lack thereof, of owning your own business. I want to err on the side of being more positive than negative about life in general, but I also want to be open and honest about struggles. So here goes.

My Coffee is Weak
Episode 14 • Published Apr 08, 2014

I talk about the Goodstuff 8 hours of streaming day and developing something as a creative person and then handing it out for feedback and getting stomped on. How do you develop a thick skin as a creative person?

8 Hours of Live Streaming
Episode 13 • Published Apr 07, 2014

Goodstuff has it’s official launch tomorrow - 8 hours of streaming. Here’s my thoughts on that and a few other things this Monday. Welcome to new listeners from the iTunes feature in New and Noteworthy in the USA.

iPhone 4 Sized Bee in My Bonnet
Episode 12 • Published Apr 01, 2014

I want to talk about using an iPhone 4 with iOS 7 -specifically iOS 7.1. A blog post has been in my brain for awhile but can’t get it on the digital page so I’m starting with a audio version first.

Featured in iTunes Collaboratively
Episode 11 • Published Apr 01, 2014

I talk about collaborative building of things - in particular Goodstuff.network. It’s so much better to go as a group than go it alone.

Breaking Down Feedback
Episode 10 • Published Mar 25, 2014

Welcome to Daily(ish) on Goodstuff.network. I talk about the main reason for the break in episodes - some feedback I received from a friend after episode 9 - and how asking for feedback from the wrong people can be detrimental to your process.

Become a Patron of My Plan to Watch Survivor
Episode 9 • Published Mar 06, 2014

I love podcasting and I’m not afraid who knows it. I talk about about Patreon and my thoughts with it, my struggles with how much to share on this podcast and the new season of Survivor has started. What are you watching these days?

Make The Internet You Want to See
Episode 8 • Published Feb 27, 2014

This is not a weather podcast. Or is it? Jumping off from Shawn Blanc’s daily podcast discussion on creating the internet you want to see.

Basecamp Depression Trello
Episode 7 • Published Feb 25, 2014

Getting stuck on work and how to unstick yourself. I talk about the idea of changing the tools I use to help switch my brain back to work mode.

House of Lego Cards Review
Episode 6 • Published Feb 20, 2014

I talk Netflix, House of Cards, getting sick and The Lego Movie. Everything is awesome.

Valentine’s Brain Dump
Episode 5 • Published Feb 14, 2014

A late Friday edition of the show where I talk about local vs internet focus, and a bit about sponsorship and local meet ups.

Apologies and Promotions. So Sorry.
Episode 4 • Published Feb 11, 2014

Episode 4 is something I’m deeply sorry about. And yet I’m still going to promote the heck out of it. So sorry. I’m back behind the real microphone and mixer for this episode.

Using Auphonic to Post for Real
Episode 3 • Published Feb 09, 2014

For episode 3 I commit to and use the Auphonic app to record for real this time. I’m recording in my kitchen while making my coffee - can you smell the difference from my usual office recordings? How would you listen to a short podcast like this? Direct link to mp3 on Twitter or traditional podcast player that download/streams the show. Let me know in the comments below.

Trepidations in Releasing a Thing Into the World
Episode 2 • Published Feb 07, 2014

Episode 2 is an attempt using just my iPhone to record. As an audio nerd I don’t like the quality but I also want to be able to do this show more regularly which means finding a way to sacrifice a bit of quality while maintining consistency(ish).

Verbal Diarrhea
Episode 1 • Published Feb 06, 2014

Episode 1 is an intro to this show and also starts a discussion on the negative impact that podcasting may be having on the world of blogging. Or is it? (Cue ominous music)