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Mascot Simulator 2019
Episode 8 • Published Apr 04, 2019

Or, A Very Muscular Horse.

We wrap up spring training and look forward to Opening Day. We also listen to a game and talk through it. #WholeSquadReady

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Links and Show Notes

We wrap up spring training and look forward to Opening Day. #WholeSquadReady

We start by, uh, listening to some baseball (Reds vs. Braves). We describe what’s happening. We also spend a not insignificant period of time discussing the safety equipment that baseball players (baseballmen?) wear.

Also discussed: pine tar, RBIs, double switches.

Bacon-Wrapped Pizza

We Did an Opening Day Stream

And you missed it. But you can watch it here.

We talk about what we did (or didn’t) do to prepare.

Minor League Team of the Week

This week’s team of the week is the Louisville Bats.

That’s the Luhvull Bats.

(Yes, Andrew called it the Major League Team of the Week. And Kyle called bats birds. We regret the errors.)

Louisville Bats Logo

Buddy Bat battles Darth Vader

Buddy Bat’s twitter


Then we have an idea for a video game where you play as a mascot. Mascot Simulator 2019. Get in touch if you want to license this idea.

Jar Jar

A Very Muscular Horse

The Closer

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