Be a Part of The @U2 Podcast

There are a couple of ways you can be a part of future @U2 Podcast episodes:

Ask a Question

Using Twitter, you can send us questions for the show by including the hashtag #askatu2 somewhere in your tweet. Our social media intern will then collect your questions for us to answer. (You can check out the hashtag on Twitter yourself here).

We can’t guarantee we’ll talk about every tweet sent our way, but we’ll do our best to try in a future episode!

Send Us Your Audio for a Future Episode

From time to time, we put out a call for listener submissions and while we like any sort of response, we love audio from you where we can hear your thoughts in your voice and use it in a future episode of the podcast.

Here’s how you can participate.

How to Send in Audio for the @U2 Podcast

1) Record Your Response

You can do this using the voice recorder on your phone. The most important thing is to speak clearly, don’t rush, and also try to make sure there’s no dogs barking or air conditioners rumbling in the background. Take a listen back to it before you send it in to make sure you’re ok with us using it on the podcast.

2) Send Us Your Audio

Got Issues or Questions?

Email Chris or send him a tweet and he’ll do his best to help you. But he’s no The Edge so we can’t make any promises!

Current Questions for Future Episodes

With the Joshua Tree tour 2019 announcement, we’d love to get feedback from podcast listeners in the region (New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea) answering the question: “What does U2 coming mean to you?