🎉 Goodstuff.network v3.0

taps microphone

Is this thing on? Hello world?

Welcome to Goodstuff.network, version 3.0!

We’re excited to finally be able to unveil what has been months of work during evenings and weekends around our regular work jobs - moving Goodstuff to our own home-grown CMS of sorts based on Siteleaf and Jekyll. Which, along with MP3 hosting by Feed.Press and live streaming on Twitch is enabling us to run Goodstuff lean while we grow, one listener at a time.

Along with the new site is refreshed logo which you’ll see in our header, footer, and various social media platforms.

We’ll have more to say and talk about in the coming months and lots of bugs to fix - including proper layouts for mobile and a bunch of other styling things - and plenty of other features planned, but for now Kyle and myself are pumped to take this next step in the evolution of Goodstuff.

We’d love to hear from you if you’ve got any suggestions or notice anything weird as you browse the new site. Feel free to tweet at us, we’d love to hear from you:

If you’re old school, then feel free to email us:

If you’re really, really old school… I’m sorry but we don’t have a fax machine.